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Social gaming platform Tamasha.live raises Rs. 2.5 Cr Seed funding from Firstcheque, Snapdeal, 9Unicorns and Titan Capital

Tamasha.live is an influencer-led real-time live social gaming platform that has recently raised Rs. 2.5 crore in a seed funding round. The funds were raised from big names in the industry:

Kunal Bahl– CEO and Co-founder of e-commerce website-Snapdeal

Rohit Bansal from Firstcheque and Titan Capital.

The seed funding round for Tamasha.live also included participation from PointOne Capital, Aakash Kumar- Hotstar AVP, Ramakant Sharma- co-founder LivSpace, Ankit Khandelwal- Co-founder of Gromo and several other investors and executives such as Rishabh Kumar, Maninder Gulati and Abhishek Hota.

Credits: https://rb.gy/fcpjf7

When asked about the funding, the gaming company stated that this freshly acquired fund will be used to strengthen the platform’s team with “cross-functional expertise”, the next aim is to make informed investments in building a stronger and better product. The company further intends to grow its initial user base to expand business opportunities.

9Unicorns, Co-founder and Managing Director, Apoorva Ranjan Sharma talked about the company backing up the gaming platform and her vision about Tamasha.live is all about growth and success. She mentioned the level of dedication that the gaming platform has portrayed in remarkable and this becomes the reason for this handshake deal.

Furthermore, she mentions the strategies discussed by the gaming platform to grow and emerge align perfectly with the needs and demands of the market and the gaming industry in India is ripe and ready to be disrupted. Tamasha.live has a bright future and a solid business model and the platform has complete support from 9Unicorns for continued growth and success.

Tamasha.live, the real-time gaming platform was founded in 2020 by Siddharth Swarnkar and Saurabh Gupta. Both of these gentlemen came up with a unique influencer-led live gaming platform where content creators and social media influencers can host live online games that will have real prizes in cash for winners at the cost of a small registration fee.

The platform will help new-age content creators and influencers to interact with their fans and entertain them in a completely new way. The live game has the potential to monetize influencers and the winners in a unique.

Credits: https://rb.gy/4c86uu

The platform mentions that they have come to realise the uniqueness of the idea after getting support from 9Unicorns, Snapdeal, FirstCheque and Titan Capital.

Other supporters of the gaming platform unanimously believe in the idea behind Tamasha.live. The gaming platform is playing with two of the biggest industry trends of India, gaming and social media influencers. Kushal Bhagia, CEO, Firstcheque mentions that the gaming platform is addressing to a Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) of USD 6 billion till next year in 2021 in India.

The solid business model of the gaming platform is all set to disrupt the industry and create its high-value space.



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