Now Enjoy The Ease In Discovering And Getting Recommended By SoftwareSuggest!

SoftwareSuggest is a business software discovery and recommendation platform. They list, review, compare & offer a free consultation of business software solutions so that you’re guaranteed to find the best match for your business.

Trump Card Of SoftwareSuggest

The software industry is dwelling with a lot of success stories, but the scenario changes from the customer end as they get confused when they are not able to find a software for their requirements. SoftwareSuggest helps find the best-suited software for a business with respect to its requirements.

Currently, SoftwareSuggest is competing with global sites like Capterra, GetApp, and SoftwarAdvice. But what’s the competitive advantage of this startup?

SoftwareSuggest has a step by step method to help businesses find software. They use data and social signals to perfect their research. They also provide users with easy to use procurement tools that help them to compare quotation from multiple vendors.

The Spur Behind The Startup And The Journey So Far

Dipping the toe in the startup wave SoftwareSuggest figured out the importance of automating the business process. Also, the growing businesses around made them realised the need of the same but were unable to get a perfect suiting software for them. The dire need to help other businesses grow became the source of pure inspiration behind SoftwareSuggest.

Their journey till now has been the best combination of good and bad experiences (mostly good). They have managed to levitate the company in 3 years that they have now reached a point targeting the prospects in the global market. There were 4 team members when they took the leap and jumped so high that now SoftwareSuggest is a team of 50 graceful members, playing and learning every day doing business.

Confrontations With Reality

As a product based company in Ahmedabad, they faced real issues searching for employees with the required skillset as the product based company aura was not so popular in the city. However, they tackled the scenario by concentrating on a better work culture for the employees.

Also, another critical bump in their journey was the execution behind targeting the global market, but, with the most skilled team and little smart work they took the leap easily.

Their best learning is understanding that idea is just the words framed into catchy dreams, execution is what really matters and that is where real business lays upon. Also, they realized that people are the most important asset in executing any business, there is no bigger asset to take care of than the people you are working with and the people you are working for.

Future Status

SoftwareSuggest is at the best point in business right now, they are gaining a reputation in the international market. In the coming months, they would be recognized as the most trusted name in software discovery and recommendation for business. Also, the network they are creating is getting strong day by day with all the SaaS-based platforms alongside. A significant growth in their relationship with the reach can be expected.

They are also looking for funds. However, they don’t want to chase non-profitable growth and hence they avoid traditional VC who want growth at any cost. In the short run chasing growth over profitability is fine, but there has to be clear plans for a business to generate profits in the medium term (2-3 years). They want to create a sustainable business so they generate long term employment for the country.

They are also able to generate revenues and pay for their expense. Funds will definitely help them grow faster, but there is no hurry to take it from the wrong investor.

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