Photo by Sy Donny from Pexels
Photo by Sy Donny from Pexels


Smartphones are a wonderful invention. Smartphones have a phonebook, calendar, camera, and music player in a single device that can be handled in one hand. Then then, several accessories might help you get the most out of your devices. If you want to make your smartphone smarter, check out this list of useful cell phone gadgets accessories. Using a smartphone becomes an essential component of our daily life. We use them to wake up, communicate, and make payments, among other things. As a result, we at Bright Side have compiled a list of some of the best smartphone devices out today. In the first place, we’d like to congratulate you on making the correct choice by adding these helpful add-ons to your phone. On Dhgate, you can find a wide range of innovative and unusual devices, as well as basic phone accessories. Smart bands and activity trackers, for example, may help you improve your lifestyle and make better decisions if you like exercising and taking care of your health. 

Photo by Sy Donny from Pexels
Photo by Sy Donny from Pexels

1. Viper Smart Start

Connecting your car to your smartphone has never been easier with Viper SmartSart. Using the Viper SmartStart app, you can start, lock, and release your car, get notifications, locate, and check the vehicle’s status over a secure link with the Viper smart device. 

2. Tile Mate

Tile is a smartphone app that helps you locate your missing items. Using Bluetooth, it connects to your phone and can track anything which is in danger of losing its location. Using the Tile app, you may use it to locate your belongings within a 200-foot radius of your phone. Interestingly, Tile works in two ways, one of which is to locate your phone. It’s as simple as double-clicking it to make your phone ring. There’s also the option of requesting assistance from the Tile community anonymously.

3. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller

Those who like playing several co games on their smartphones will have a lot of fun with this flexible small gadget. As just a mobile phone stand and mobile gaming trigger, COOBILE is one of the most versatile controllers available. If you’ve got a smartphone that measures between 4 and 5.6 inches, this controller will work with it. In addition, the game trigger can be rotated up 180 degrees so that you may set up the game and correct the screen at the same time.

4. Pico Genie

PIQO is a full HD projector that connects to your smartphone and provides an outstanding viewing experience for any kind of media. It is dubbed the world’s tiniest projector.

You can take your mini cinema with you almost any place since it’s small and has long battery life. Most impressive about PIQO are its high-end technological capabilities, such as its inbuilt speakers and 16 GB of internal storage, and its ability to connect wirelessly and wirelessly through Bluetooth and HDMI. In addition, it can stream video from Netflix and YouTube to your PC or smartphone through the Google Play Store’s 3 million applications, making it a true entertainment cube.

5. Deeper Smart Fishfinder

With this little smart gadget, you don’t have to be a terrible fisherman to have an enjoyable fishing experience. Using sonar technology, the Deeper smart fish detector analyses the water and sends notifications to your smartphone when fish are around.

Android and iOS devices can utilize the Deeper fish finder since it has a renewable lithium-polymer battery. As a further bonus, the gadget can identify fish within a 50-meter range, and its display includes information on flora and the bottom contours of the water as well.

6. Yale LiftMaster

Using a smartphone, you can open and close your home’s locks, and you don’t need any keys to do so. If you have many access points to your home or company, this device may be installed at all of them and provide functions like getting notifications, scheduling door locks, and synchronizing with other connected phones. Among the features of LiftMaster smart locks are a smart keypad lever and a smart touchscreen deadbolt. It’s also possible for you to invite others into your house using the app’s guest function and share access to your property.

7. KiiPix Portable Photo Printer

Take a glance at the KiiPix portable photo printer if you’re looking for a small and dependable picture printer for your smartphone. Put the film paper on top of your smartphone, then place the image you want to take on top of it. Print off a copy of your favorite picture in a flash. 

8. Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

To record what you see via microscopy, telescope, binocular, or eyeglasses on your phone’s camera. The mount ensures that your phone is securely linked to the devices you are using to see it.