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Sony Has Released 9 Free Games For The PlayStation

Sony Has Released 9 Free Games For The PlayStation


Today and over the next 30 days, PlayStation owners can get their hands on nine great games. Not all are part of the PS Plus promotion, including Sony’s expanded Play at Home campaign, which includes a requirement for subscription costs. However, due to this status, all nine games can be won.

As part of the program, PlayStation is working with indie game partners such as Giant Squid Studios, Dodge & Roll, and United Game Artists to offer a full range of games for free.

Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition will be available for download for PS4 players beginning Monday, April 19 at 8: 00 PM PT / 11: 00 PM ET. You have until May 14 to play Zero Dawn on PS4 or PS5. Perhaps the most enticing game is Sony’s Play Home, which is available tonight.

This concludes the list of 9 games that Sony has released as free downloads as part of its initiative to play at home. Whether you have a VR headset or not, Sony has you covered. As previously reported, Sony is giving away all Horizon: Zero Dawn games for free until April 19. A puzzle-solving adventure and a pure action-adventure.

Ratchet & Clank for the Rift, due out in June, is also on the horizon, while Forbidden West is expected later this year. Stay tuned for more free game announcements coming out on PlayStation Plus as Sony is expected to continue its Gift and Stay Home initiative in June.

Ratchet & Clank is an action-adventure shooter since 2016. The game has gained popularity due to its concept, unique feel, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. There are 9 games that users can claim a free copy of this game. This game is not part of the initiative and will be up for grabs until 31 March.

Moss is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game from IP Polyarc, customized for the VR platform. In the game, the player meets Quill, a young mouse who dreams of greatness within the boundaries of her settlement. While exploring the forest, Quill finds mysterious glasses and relics of ancient magic that could awaken everything.

Thanks to PlayStation VR for this daring rescue, there is a whole new perspective on platform games. Judging by the jump accuracy alone, the curious player will have a lot of secrets to discover in their daring search.

Uncharted: Nathan Drake’s Collection and Journey were given away for free, and a $10 million indie support fund has been announced to help needy creators. When Play at Home was unveiled in April 2020, Sony said it was designed to encourage social distancing and help developers of indie games affected by the coronavirus pandemic.



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