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Sony Has Sold 10 Million Playstation 5

Sony Has Sold 10 Million Playstation 5

The PlayStation 5 has sold 10 million units since its November launch, reaching the milestone faster than any other console ever manufactured by Sony Interactive Entertainment, according to the company . According to a press release issued Wednesday, PlayStation 5 reached the milestone on 18 July, 249 days after its launch. Despite this milestone, the PlayStation 5 remains Sony’s best-selling games console to date. The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s first console to sell without massive delivery problems. The PlayStation 4 took 270 days to clear the $10 million hurdle, while the PlayStation 5 did it in 250 days.

After the number was slumped, the PlayStation 5 sold 10 million consoles in 249 days since its launch. This not only transfers a huge number of units but is also the best-selling console in the history of video games. Even when the PlayStation 3 collapsed, it took the record-breaking PS2 years to sell 10 million consoles. The PS4 has also sold well, with the latest figures putting its total sales at 11.5 million. That makes it Sony’s second-best-selling console, behind only the PS2, and if the PS5 continues to overtake the PS4, it could fall back to third place.

The news came via Sony Interactive Entertainment (SHE) in a blog post by Veronica Rogers, SVP of Global Sales and Business Operations who said that nothing is impossible for PlayStation 5 to reach the milestone by July 18. This is huge news, but not all that surprising considering that the console is not yet on store shelves. For someone like me who has yet to see a real PlayStation 5 on the shelves at Best Buy, the news is shocking, if not surprising.

Sony Has Sold 10 Million Playstation 5Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that the PlayStation 5 has sold over 10 million units since its release in November. In a press release, the company confirmed that the console has overtaken its predecessor PlayStation 4, which was Sony’s previous record holder for best-selling consoles. The PlayStation 5 is now Sony’s best-selling console after selling 10 million units. Like its predecessor, the PS5 is in short supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is straining global semiconductor supply chains as demand increases during the gaming boom and more people stay indoors.

Sony’s latest Star console continues to sell like hot cakes. In 2021, it is a dubious prospect to get oe of them. But demand means Sony’s latest all-star console will continue to sell like cake. Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console has sold 8 million copies since April, Sony said.

Despite supply bottlenecks, Sony managed to sell 10 million units of the PS5. The figure represents an increase of 2 million consoles in sales compared to the 7.8 million announced by the Japanese company in April. The 10 million units sold come despite ongoing supply problems due to global shortages of pandemic-related computer chips.

Xbox Series X

The news comes less than a day after Microsoft reported that its Xbox Series X and S are the best-selling Xbox consoles to date. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently revealed at an investor meeting that the Xbox S and X series are the best-selling consoles in the company’s history. Despite the success of the sale, the company is facing delivery bottlenecks as the global chip shortage continues. Despite strong demand and a shortage of scalpers, the company is still struggling to supply retailers with equipment.



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