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Sony Plans to Unveil A PS5 Cloud Gaming Service

Sony Plans to Unveil A PS5 Cloud Gaming Service


Sony recently unveiled its plans for cloud gaming for the PS5 during a live stream event. Sony offers cloud streaming for its next console, the PS5, and there will be a lot of talk about hardware and price when the day comes. Xbox chief Phil Spencer has already discussed this technology for PlayStation for E3 2018, but this is the first mention we’ve seen from Sony that they see cloud games as a potential part of the future of PlayStation.

Now is not the time to make a decision on what cloud gaming will look like on the PS5, Ryan said, especially as Microsoft has already expanded coverage of CloudGaming with the release of the Xbox One S and Xbox Live Gold Pass. Cloud gaming could be coming to the PS5 in the near future, although we should not expect Sony to rush the decision, as the Xbox Series X already has a head start.

What Sony is going to bring to the table with its cloud gaming offering and what it plans for the PS5, we can only speculate about at the moment.

We would like to hear more about how Sony plans to make cloud gaming part of the overall gaming experience of the PS5, but it is possible that we will see Sony update its PS3, PS4 and PS Vita cloud gaming consoles. Sony could go beyond that and create a platform for games that can be streamed to Google Play or other platforms to play games on cloud servers. Stadia, the controller, would be connected to Sony’s cloud infrastructure and let players get in and out of their own gaming hardware and console.


The transition would also be complemented by Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) delivering digital games directly to its PlayStation Store, which is now cloud gaming. Xbox Cloud Gaming is poised to capture the cloud gaming crown in 2021 and is likely to be a tough competitor later.

We are a pioneer in cloud gaming, “Cerny told Wired, and the PS5 will have some form of cloud functionality. The PlayStation CEO claimed that while the cloud could be used as a technical infrastructure, the ‘cloud gaming experience we offer will be unique to PlayStation.’ The vision should be clearer when it is introduced, but it is still a long way off, the head says.

On the PlayStation 4, the only way to back up storage files for PlayStation 5 games is to use cloud storage. This allows users accessing a cloud-based gaming system to easily access and play games in real time without the need for a physical copy of the game. The game itself is stored in the cloud and can be streamed to the device of your choice, whether it is originally a PS3, PS4 or even PS1 game! This allows you to create cloud-backed data and store data, as well as access all the data stored on your device.

Cloud networks from Microsoft, Google and Amazon enable global reach and enable the rapid deployment and expansion of different cloud gaming platforms in different regions. Sony has taken a big step towards cloud-based gaming with the launch of PlayStation Cloud Gaming, a cloud gaming service that lets you stream the vast range of PS4 games. To make PlayStation 5 the best available gaming platform in the world, they are launching a new version of our cloud gaming platform that has a simplified and universal landing page.



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