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Sony Updates PS5 For External Storage Support

Sony Updates PS5 For External Storage Support

Sony has announced that a major PS5 system update will be released tomorrow that will finally allow you to move your games to the external USB storage. Sony has confirmed that the first major system update for the PS5 will be released tomorrow with a feature that allows you to save PS 5 games on a USB stick on the PS4. Once the update is in place, players can now move PS3 games from the main memory of their console to a supported USB hard drive. One of the key features of the video game console is the ability to store PS5 games in the cloud as well as a variety of other external storage formats.

The system software update for the PS5 will be available worldwide from tomorrow, and the update will add new features, including the ability to activate new social features. While the feature will be at the PlayStation app in the coming weeks, Sony has said that it will also be rolled out on the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Mobile app console, so keep an eye on how it lands.

This feature now allows you to transfer PS5 games from the console’s internal storage to an expanded USB storage and transfer them to an external storage or cloud-based storage as Dropbox, Google Drive. With these features, your PS4 games, PS3 games, and PS-Vita games can now all be transferred to USB Extended Storage from the “internal” storage of your console, as well as to a variety of other online storage options such as Dropbox and Google Docs, or even to an external file storage service such as a hard drive.

However, it is important to remember that older games such as PS4 games or PS-Vita games can only be saved from the internal memory of the console. Those of you who want to play your PS5 games on the M-2 drive of the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita will have to wait a little longer as Sony is still working on bringing M-2 drive support to the console, but this update from Sony will allow them to move it to that drive as well.

A creditable source from Sony said that they will eventually support certain M2 SSDs, but you have to wait until they confirm which SSD is compatible. Till you wait you can check out our list of the top games coming to PS5 in 2021 here.





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