Gupta Brothers by Indian Express

South Africa Confirms Arrest of Gupta Brothers in UAE
Interpol had issued Red Notices to the Gupta brothers, who had also been declared persona non gratia by the US and the UK.


The government of South Africa on the 6th of June came out to confirm that their authorities have put Mr. Rajesh Gupta and Mr. Atul Gupta of the affluent Gupta family behind bars after catching them in the United Arab Emirates.

However, Ajay Gupta who is the other brother part of the family has not been put behind bars and the reason for it has yet to be confirmed.

But why will they be put behind bars?

The trio of siblings have been accused for years of taking advantage of their connection with the foregoing leader of the country Jacob Zuma whose tenure lasted from 2009 to 2018. They used him to their advantage by helping themselves financially help themselves and even influence senior officials to help their business operations which they have been opposing for years.

Gupta Brothers by BBC

4 years ago, back in 2018, the entire Gupta family left the country they made their fortune in and took refuge in the affluent Gulf country after stealing billions of dollars’ worth of funds from the  government and other public agencies of the country; money which would have been used to help the people of the country now they have been in economic turmoil for the past couple of years.

The Gupta family is an affluent family who were born in Uttar Pradesh India but moved to South Africa 29 years ago to start their journey of entrepreneurship and opened their first ever company known as Sahara Computers. They even own a whole host of firms in various industries including media, mining, and parts for consumer electronics. Currently, the net worth of the family stands at around $ 773 million USD but that value is set to crash down with these arrests.

A few months ago, the family was slapped with a red alert by the Interpol meaning that the officers of the agencies of different countries will work together and exchange information about the family to arrest them. This was due to the fraud and money laundering accusations Atul Gupta and Rajesh Gupta were facing.

The spokes men of the country’s government came out to say on the 6th of June that their agency has been informed that the duo was caught and now are in custody in the UAE. The South African Government is now heavily collaborating with the authorities of the affluent and powerful Gulf nation to get them back to them so that they can face the necessary trial and relevant consequences.