SpaceX is going to launch another Starlink satellite today

SpaceX is very rapidly building its Starlink network to provide seamless internet all over the world. The company is the only one that has been exploring significant areas to take us a step forward. And today is yet another day of relentless effort and a bright future for humanity ahead. SpaceX will launch its first Starlink satellite of 2021, and the launch is scheduled for 8:45 AM (EST) or 7:45 PM (IST). With the huge following that SpaceX has, Twitter will be bombarded with live updates of the launch. At the same time, you can also watch the live launch online.

About the Starlink satellite launch

SpaceX is going to launch the 60 Starlink satellites on a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy space center in Florida. And with that said, the launch will mark the beginning of SpaceX’s journey in 2021. After the satellites reach the outer orbit of Earth, Falcon 9 will come back to Earth. It is going to land in the Atlantic ocean for getting reused. The Falcon 9 rocket used in the satellite launch will use the B1051 booster, which is also another record-breaking achievement by the company.  And it is also not the first time that the B1051 is being used. Even earlier, SpaceX used the booster to carry payloads and also a trio-of satellites to space.

Starlink satellite
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Once the Falcon 9 return backs to Earth, it will be the rocket’s 51st successful re-flight. Since the company is mostly reusing rockets, the speed with which it can make launches is entirely different. And now, with the latest launch of the Starlink satellite, the company is again going to do the usual landing of the satellite in the Atlantic. Reports suggest that the rocket launch is a go-go according to the weather, and if everything goes well, it will be an excellent start for the company in 2021. In 2020 too, the company made a total of 26 flights with two trips to the International Space Station.

The goal with Starlink

Once an adequate number of Starlink satellites are in space, we will have a proper network all over the world. SpaceX aims to bring affordable, fast, and reliable internet connection using Starlink to rural and under-developed areas. But in order to start providing service, the company needs at least another 500-800 satellites out there. As of now, the company has launched nearly 1000 internet providing satellites in orbit. SpaceX has started testing its internet services in specific places achieving very high speeds.

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