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SpaceX plans on connecting Aircraft to Starlink

Starlink is the next big breakthrough in the world of the internet and connectivity. SpaceX has been doing multiple launches of Starlink from time to time, and their most recent launch was a few days back. At the pace with which the company is doing their Starlink launches, very soon, we will have their services worldwide. But SpaceX doesn’t want to stay limited only to the grounds and plans on connecting Aircraft to Starlink. This will be a big move for SpaceX and could change the way we access the internet on flights.

How does SpaceX plan on connecting Aircraft with Starlink?

The company has already filed an application with the FCC to provide its services to the aviation and maritime industry. As the number of satellites in the lower earth orbit increases, SpaceX plans on bringing inflight connectivity to users. Until now, the company only talked about providing services to static places like homes and offices but not moving vehicles and aircraft are also on their list. One of the major advantages of this will be a fast internet connection while travelling. The information that SpaceX is exploring this new space came from the application filing with the FCC. Any vehicle, be it a truck, a ship, a car, or an aircraft, will come under this application.

connecting Aircraft to Starlink


By providing aircraft with fast internet connectivity, users don’t have to deal with slow but expensive internet connection anymore. And since Starlink satellites will be much closer to aircraft the speed will be significantly better than anything else. The application that SpaceX filed with the FCC read that users are not willing to let go of connectivity while travelling. And as SpaceX has already deployed a cost-effective and spectrum efficient satellite system, it will provide a quality broadband connection in areas where such services exist and where they don’t.


If you have been following the development of Starlink and its deployment, you will also know that anyone using Starlink connections gets a special kit. This kit is used to connect the satellite with the router and then is able to prove the internet connection. Similarly, for aircraft, a kit will be required. And as of now, no aircraft has such technology. So, SpaceX has started testing for the same and have partnered up with Ball Aerospace.

Starlink - Wikipedia

For the testing, an antenna terminal will be integrated into the aircraft. SpaceX is also working on special kits that will not only provide an internet connection inflight but won’t affect the flight by adding to wind drag. We can also expect to see military aircraft get connected using Starlink too. But that is still much behind then the connectivity coming to commercial flights.

What are your thoughts on SpaceX connecting Aircraft to Starlink? And will you use their services on a flight if cheap and fast? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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