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Student coin raises $8.7 million in STC sales

As the crypto market is getting bigger many new coins are entering the market. Some coins are backed by big corporations like the Binance Coin by Binance, while others are backed by Researchers and groups of people from different places. Well, a new coin in the market, the Student coin, falls in the 2nd category. The Initial Coin offering of Student coin began on 1st Feb, and as of now, they have raised over $8.7 million in STC sales.

About Student Coin

Student Coin

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Student Coin is being developed by a team of 44 members from different parts of the world. Their main goal is to use crypto and provide real-world solutions for the masses. The team for the coin also has some notable personalities like the CTO of IMB from Europe and the president of the Harvard University Club of Poland. By this year-end, we can expect the Student Coin to be listed on major exchanges, and even an STC app and terminal for the same will be developed.

STC sales

STC tokens are the primary focus of Student coin and could change the entire market of crypto. These tokens make it possible for the creation of personalized tokens without the need for any technical knowledge. The STC tokens focus primary on Students, and that makes them really unique and special. It will help them in getting better education and make their future opportunities much more accessible. STC tokens will also help in reducing tuition fees and help students study from better universities, select better teachers programs and even do research work.

Till now, students were dependent on banks for their education loans and future. But with inflation and the situation that is currently going on, banks are not something we can trust. And this is where Student Coin came in with the idea of decentralizing the entire process of student loans.

How does student loan work using Student coin?

Student Coin - Build and manage your own token

The process is very simple. Any student who wants help with their student fees just needs to make a personal token and put it out in the Student coin market. And once STC holders purchase the tokens the student receives the money and completes their education. On getting a job, a part of his/her salary will go towards the loan taken from the market. The process is very simple, and anyone can get a loan through this method. At the same time, those who will be holding the STC token will get profit payments.

Holders can also vote in the development of the project of Student Coin and participate in taking important decisions. This will keep the entire market more involved and differentiate the Student coin from other cryptocurrencies.

What are your thoughts on the idea behind StudentCoin? And do you think it will actually prove to be very beneficial for students? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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