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SpaceX’s Starlink satellite might soon offer speeds up to 10 Gbps

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite launches happened a while back and marked the beginning of the company’s space ventures in 2021. Everyone has now started talking about the satellites and believe it to be the next big thing. But there were also speculations that 5g and 6g might be able to beat the connection speeds of Starlink. So, the company decided to go ahead and say that they plan to increase their 1 Gbps connection to 10 Gbps.

10 Gbps Starlink connection

Initially, the company set the goal to be 1 Gbps, which it has now increased to 10. As of now, SpaceX has been delivering around 100-200 Mbps in speeds, which is very much behind the future goal. This goal of Starlink surfaced when the company gave a presentation to the FCC showing the progress of Starlink. The presentation said that Starlink is currently delivering a speed of about 100 Mbps and plans to increase that to 10 Gbps. With the stability and range of Starlink satellites, if the company is able to achieve such speeds, it will beat all broadband connections to dust.

SpaceX's starlink satellite

Image Source: Universe Today

SpaceX also didn’t say anything explicitly when they plan to achieve the 10 Gbps goal. But the fact that they target to launch thousands of Starlink satellites means there is still a good time till they achieve that. SpaceX also said that every month their goal would be to launch 120 Starlink satellites. The company also asked FCC for the approval of launching the satellites to the lower earth orbit. But there is a problem as Amazon is objecting to this. They say that Starlink satellites in the lower earth orbit will interfere with their satellite systems.

Elon Musk took a straight shot at Amazon, saying that, “It does not serve the public to hamstring Starlink today for an Amazon satellite system that is at best several years away from operation.”

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite

I have already said many times that Starlink is the future of the internet. Areas that have never experienced the internet will soon be able to use high-speed connection because of it. As of now, the company has only launched about 100 satellites, but as they near their goal of 42,000 satellites, the speeds will get faster and more reliable. And with the 10 Gbps connection that they are targeting, it will also be able to compete with the 5g and 6g tech coming to cellular connections. If you are an enthusiast and live in one of the areas when Starlink is active, then you can get a connection for $99 a month and a one-time $499 fee.

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