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Tesla and Samsung to develop 5nm autonomous driving chip

Tesla and Samsung have reportedly partnered up to manufacture 5nm chips for self-driving cars. This partnership will be tremendous because, apart from being an EV manufacturer, Tesla’s prime focus is on autonomous vehicles. The chipset that they are developing might be based on the same 5nm tech as the Exynos 2100. That is great news for both Samsung and Tesla. While Tesla can now use 5 nm chips instead of the 7nm ones they were supposed to develop by TSMC and Samsung will benefit from Tesla’s sales as their chips will be used in the car.

More about the Tesla and Samsung partnership

Do note that even if the company manufactures chips for Tesla based on the Exynos 2100, there are going to be major changes in them. The reason for the Samsung partnership might also be because TSMC is very much occupied by Qualcomm and Apple. And most of the 5nm manufacturing facilities of the company are full. Apple also partners up with TSMC to cater to their requirements, so it’s obvious that Apple will be the 1st priority of the company. With that said, TSMC might be able to give a 7nm manufacturing service to Tesla, but that would not fulfill the company’s requirement.

Tesla and Samsung

Image Source: Tesmanian

Samsung’s 5nm technology is not at par with TSMC, but it is definitely better than the company’s 7nm tech. And only TSMC and Samsung has the capability of manufacturing such powerful chips worldwide. Hence, the only partnership choice Tesla has is Samsung. As of now, the technology that Tesla is using is a 14nm chip made by Samsung, but the company plans to upgrade that in future iterations. Elon said that the chips they are developing are at least 2 years away from manufacturing. This also means that the tech that is latest this time around will probably get outdated by then.

Tesla’s self-driving cars

In the world of EVs and self-driving cars, Tesla is the leading company. Their software and hardware driving an autonomous vehicle is much ahead of the competition. At the same time, the company also pushes out major updates from time to time, making the tech much better. And now, when the company employs the efficient 5nm technology in their cars, the self-driving capabilities will get much better. The fact that the chips’ processing and output will be much better than the 14nm ones being currently used means an overall better self-driving car.

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