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Spotify creates quiz to help you find the perfect podcast based on your listening taste



Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, and there is no denying the fact that people love to use Spotify and browse through their “Discover Weekly”. Spotify is different from its rival Apple Music in one very significant feature- podcasts, and the music streaming service is doing something very special on this International Podcast Day.

Spotify added approximately 1.5 million new podcasts in last year alone and it definitely becomes overwhelming sometimes to find the perfect podcast, it is not an easy task. Well, not for long, on this International Podcast Day, the music streaming service has created a quiz to help listeners find the perfect match as per their music taste.

Yes, Spotify users in Germany, U.S., Australia, and the UK can now enjoy the company’s “Find The One” quiz which consists of a set of questions that helps the tool to find the best podcast according to your personal taste. It doesn’t matter if you like a conversational podcast or a narrative book-based podcast, taking the Find The One quiz will make recommendations that are also partly based on your listening history, as mentioned in a report by Engadget.

The report further mentions that Spotify will also take your music listening history into consideration before making recommendations for podcasts. There are a lot of podcasts available on Spotify for you to listen and on this International Podcast Day, accept this super-useful feature by the music streaming platform.

They say podcasts are the new books for a whole new generation that does not have time to read books. Now, I am not advocating podcasts over books but both have a separate significance when it comes to extracting knowledge.

Books are for people who actually like reading them but there are many people out there who prefer to listen to podcasts instead. The podcast may be educational or just for entertainment or even a conversation, kind of like an audio-based interview. Listeners can lend an ear while walking, while in the gym while driving, or anytime when they feel like it.

Consuming content is a subjective choice and so is choosing the perfect podcast based on your personal preferences. Check out from a variety of podcasts available on Spotify and do let us know your favorite podcasts.

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