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Spotify goes all in to tackle Apple’s paid podcast subscription service

Spotify vs Apple Podcast

Source: Pacific Content

Spotify has been around for quite some time now and there is no denying that it is one of the most popular music and podcast streaming service out there. One can also bundle the same under the best audio streaming platform as per the current market. On the other hand, Apple Inc., the trillion-dollar iPod maker has recently announced that it will soon be starting its paid podcast subscription service. Spotify got no chill as the Wall Street Journal recently reported that the audio streaming platform will also tackle Apple’s approach with its own paid subscription service but with a twist in perspective.

Apple’s model includes charging a subscription fee from its Podcasters for each subscription and Spotify is rivalling this approach by letting these podcasters set their own prices for the subscription, as mentioned in a report by Engadget.

How is that going to work for Spotify and who will pay a subscription fee when there is an option?

Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content and Business Officer at Spotify says that there is room for everyone in the audio space, while not confirming any of the company’s plans for its subscription-based model.

Anyhow, at least one major news is confirmed that Spotify is coming up with a subscription service, banging head on head with Apple’s approach. Both of these companies are fiercely exploring and expanding their services in the audio sector and Spotify’s reported plans confirm this ideology.

However, Apple has not been too friendly when it comes to third-party subscription transactions or in-app purchases considering its ongoing legal battle with Epic Games for the same reason. The company’s policy does not allow developers to introduce their own in-app purchases transaction system, the company has made it compulsory to use Apple’s in-app purchases system on the Apple App Store and mandatorily taking a cut out of each transaction. The legal battle to change Apple’s monopolistic approach is still on but meanwhile, Spotify got no chill! As reported by Engadget, Spotify’s iOS application users will reportedly be directed to a third-party website to complete its subscription service transaction, believing that the iPhone maker is going to be cool with this approach. Well, only time will tell.

Furthermore, Apple is also taking the expansion of their Podcast service more seriously in order to save their legacy of Apple ‘iPod’ and we all think that it is important. In any which way, the company would not want Steve Jobs’ legacy to lose its value.



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