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Staqu launches AI-powered intelligence platform PINE


10 July 2019, India:

Staqu has unveiled open-source intelligence platform PINE. PINE accumulates data from different sources and perform language agnostic text analysis, more precisely natural language processing (NLP).

With PINE, the Staqu is leveraging OSINT (open source intelligence), one of the most impactful techniques used by different intelligence agencies around the world to access the relevant and focused information from open source data and utilise it to perform various kind of proactive analysis on people, organisations or regions.

Atul Rai, Co-Founder and CEO of Staqu, said, “At Staqu, we aspire to solve the real-world problems by leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. To the same end, we are glad to launch PINE, an AI-powered open-source intelligence platform that utilises NLP, image analysis and more, to provide the most contextual information.”

Atul Rai, added, “While law enforcement agencies pursuing predictive policing are the prime takers of this platform, PINE can also be leveraged by corporates and more to better gauge a region, person or organisation of interest. We are affirmative that PINE will be actively utilised for streamlining information search and retrieval.”

PINE transliterates and translates the given English keywords in different Indian languages along with its context to sieve through all the news portals in real-time and populate the most relevant queries on PINE publishing platform.

Staqu is an Artificial Intelligence startup. It was founded in 2015. It provides state-of-the-art image recognition, language independent proprietary speaker identification, and text processing, including sentiment analysis, text classification and summarisation.

The startup strives to utilize technology in solving the real-world problems.

(Image – Staqu)



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