Starbucks barista’s TikTok video shows what it’s like to be a customer during peak hours

A coffee from Starbucks early in the morning before kickstarting the day is an unavoidable element for many humans out there. Perhaps the non-avoidable nature of caffeine explains why people are willing to wait in the notoriously long lines of the coffee chain albeit with a lot of displeasure and exasperation. However, coffee triumphs every single time. Recently a Starbucks barista’s video went viral on TikTok as she captured what it’s like to be a customer at Starbucks during peak hours. The video resonated with many other users on TikTok who go through similar experiences on a daily basis, and soon enough, the video went viral. Read along to know more.


The What and Why

The reputation and brand value of Starbucks which has grown over the years has made it people’s first choice when it comes to caffeine. This probably explains why people suppress their bitterness about the insanely long queues at Starbucks. Recently, a user named Anna (@annalovescoffee) posted a video that captures the torturous experience a customer has to go through during peak hours on Saturday mornings. Anna works as a Starbucks barista and creates Starbucks content videos, and her specialty is hacks on making Starbucks drinks from home.

However, this time Anna decided to hit a different tune and posted a five-second video of her waiting for a drink in the Starbucks drive-through. And as expected, it wasn’t very refreshing or pleasant like the coffee. The packed drive-through is the nightmare of many similar customers who have to endure the long lines every day for coffee. Anna’s text overlay read, “remind me to never come to Starbucks on Saturday mornings from 10:30-12.” Anna did manage to get her drink and survive the notoriously long line. Anna also added in the caption, “Chick-fil-a-style workers,” referring to the baristas taking the orders.

The video soon went viral with over 97,ooo views as of Tuesday. Strangely though, several viewers were rather critical of Anna and the video for a variety of reasons. Who knows? Perhaps, it is the suppressed caffeine-related anger finally finding an outlet through the video.

“Girl you are a partner you should know this peak,” one user wrote while another asked her to order ahead on mobile. Some were also rather helpful and suggested she come early to avoid the insane rush during peak hours.

Another exasperated user wrote, “What did you not know we do that now?! I hate it when it is hot and I have to just stand outside.”

Starbucks is probably not gonna get any less busy given the high demand and the popularity. The best way forward for customers who cannot give up coffee might be to come during hours when the rush is yet to commence.