Startup India partners with Social Media Loyalty Platform Brandie


04 November 2019, India:

Startup India today announced its association with crowd marketing tech platform Brandie.

This partnership will grant ten of Startup India’s most promising businesses a free trial period on Brandie’s exclusive platform, allowing them to be the first startups in India to build social media communities of vocal ambassadors and experience the power of crowd marketing.

The (10) startups in this pilot programme were selected following a contest organised by StartUp India. In order to be eligible, the startup had to meet a limited set of criteria – be consumer-facing and have an active social media community.

The brands selected were Anywhera, Door2Door, Small Bag Delivery, Snap on Rent, Hoho Media & Infotainment Agency, Chalbo India, Kala Sakruti Retail, Cerebroz, Solbuggy Connect, and Expreton.

These brands will receive free access to Brandie for three months alongside its premium partners, such as Air India and Raw Pressery, and have the opportunity to transform loyal customers, staff, and friends into micro-influencers for their startups.

Mr. ​Pranav Kosuri, Co-Founder, B​randie said, “”As serial entrepreneurs and committed partners to a number of international startups, we at Brandie are well aware of the difficulties new businesses face while marketing themselves.”

Mr. ​Pranav Kosuri, added, “Through our partnership with Startup India, we hope to alleviate these issues for the nation’s aspiring entrepreneurs and position ourselves as an ideal partner to the community. By making Brandie available to this initial batch of companies, we’ve taken the first step in making our tool available to every startup in the country​.”

Mr. Nikhil Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Small Bag Delivery said, “Word of mouth marketing is the most organic way of driving consumer spending, not only does it account for 13% of consumer sales but results in 5x more sales than a paid media impression. Every brand or business wants a more direct and personal connection with their audience and micro-influencers are doing just that in today’s world.”

Mr. Nikhil Kumar, added, “We strongly believe that people are more likely to trust and buy from a brand that is recommended by a friend or someone you know and that is why a tool like Brandie is great as it helps us work in a more scalable and efficient manner.”

Startup India was launched in 2016. It intends to build a strong ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. By nurturing a generation of homegrown startups, the government aims to drive sustainable economic growth and generate large-scale employment opportunities.

(Image – Brandie)