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Steam Next Fest Is Scheduled To Take Place On June 16Th 2021

Steam Fest

Valve has revealed that the multi-day celebration of the upcoming games, Steam Fest, takes place in June 2021. According to Valve, the event has been renamed and announced that it will focus on upcoming games. The Steam Next Fest, also known as the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, begins on June 16, 2021.

Valve is hosting the Steam Game Festival from June 15 to June 22. The event is planned as a purely online event with a provisional date of 15 to 17 June. The last Steam Games Festival took place in February 2021 and offered free access to over 500 demos.

From June 16-22, 2021, Valve will conduct its Steam rebranding of the previous Steam Game Festival, which took place in 2019. During the festival, the company will offer hundreds of game demos on the Steam platform, live streams from developers, and selected games for sale.

Steam Fest

Geoff Keighley’s second Summer Game Fest, to coincide with E3 2021, will last four months, between Gamescom in August and E3 itself, and will feature a series of promotional events leading up to E3.

The company announced on Wednesday. Valve Corporation revealed earlier this week that it would rename the annual gaming event Steam Next from June. Today, Valve announced the return of the annual gaming festival, which will return under a new name in June.

The Steam Game Festival debuted in December 2019 and took place alongside the Geoff Keighley Game Awards. The festival was launched to take the next step in creating the Game Awards, as well as another way to celebrate gaming. The Steam Game Festival began two years ago and was created by Geoff Keighley, the producer of the annual Game Awards held in Los Angeles.

Steam Fest

To learn more about Steam, check out the announcement post on Steam. The schedule has been released for the upcoming Steam Next Fest and the new name for the Steam Game Festival, but there are no details yet. The planned date for Steam Next FEST is in line with the current date for E3 2021.

Valve today released details of its new Steam Fest, which will take place in a few days on June 16 and 22, 2021. Valve said the six-day festival would begin on June 16, 2021. While Steam has not revealed which developers and games will participate in the event.

Steam Fest

According to a new announcement, Valve is renaming the Steam Game Festival, and the upcoming Steam Next is the new name of the Steam Game Festival. Let’s see what we know about Steam Next and its new name.

In addition, the company has also shared a schedule for the return of Steam. Valve, the software company behind one of the most successful game distribution platforms on the market, Steam has issued a new statement. However, Valve has not yet revealed a timetable for his return.

Valve has promised that there will be hundreds of game demos at the event for players to participate in, with details of each game shared by the developers themselves. No specific games have yet been confirmed for the event, but it is scheduled to take place between June 16 and 22, leaving plenty of time for a game to be shown before it ends.



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