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Stock Market Lessons That You Can Learn from the IPL

The present IPL is about to start in the next couple of months and preparations are in full swing. On expected lines the present year of IPL is bound to bring along with it a share of emotions, excitement or entertainment that you might cherish for the rest of your life. But on careful observation of today stock market news there are some lessons that the market or even the investor can take from the IPL in particular. Just consider yourself as the captain of the IPL team and here are some definite takeaways in particular.

Homework on the ground along with the weather is suggested

As far as IPL is concerned, we end up using these terms commonly. Now, what does an IPL captain do normally? He goes on to decide whether it is a fast or slow wicket and based on that decides whether to bat or ball. Even the team composition is formulated based on the wicket. Now, what happens when there is a possibility of rain. The captain has to calculate the DR scores and pace their innings accordingly. Being a stock market investor, your focus has to be on understanding the stock, external environment and the market structure. Pretty much like a smart IPL captain, in a stock market, you can win big if you follow the above tips.

Your risks have to be spread in a proper way

How would be a smart IPL captain go on to spread their risks? In case if he expects it to be a bowling wicket he might opt for an extra batsman or he can think on the lines of including an all-rounder to trim down the risk. This means that they can deliver with both the bat and ball. Once you are investing you need to lower down the risks so that the chances of making profits increase.

Keep on moving forward and wait for the opportunities

This is one of the lessons that you can pick up from a shrewd captain like Kane Williamson. For example, in a particular match against Delhi Daredevils when the target was 165, he simply kept on rotating the strike and hit the bad balls. The best part is that he ensures that the wickets were not thrown away and this is what an investor has to take note off. They should observe an investment plan and strike hard when the door of opportunity opens. Do not stick to suicidal moves.

For better perspectives take a strategic time out

Have you ever wondered why there is a strategic time out during an IPL game? It presents an ideal opportunity for the team management along with the captain to head over to the drawing board and devise their strategies. Even it pulls out a captain from the grind and gives them a new dimension. Being an investor, you can also opt for strategic time outs. In case if you are talking and discussing investments all the time it is going to be a one-point thought process. You need to take a break, re-strategize and then you have to reassemble.

Calculated risks have to be taken if it is important

If the captain of an IPL team has to be successful, he has to take calculated risks on a timely basis. It could assume various forms like opening the bowling with a spinner, completing an early spell of your strike bowler, sending out a pinch hitter early are all strategies that can be used effectively. With calculated risks, there are a couple of benefits. Firstly, it adds to the element of confusion and secondly, the opposition is in a surprising zone. This is what an investor has to do. A straightforward indexing approach might not lead to positive results always to become a successful trader. If there is an opportunity to take a risk, you need to accept it with both hands.

The focus has to be on the key points of your portfolio

How do some captains defend low scores consistently? It is not about good bowling always as the fielding has to be tight in the last few overs as there works out to be little room for the batsmen. This might force the batsmen to commit mistakes. Just as your stock in news portfolio there are some pointers to be aware. You just have to focus on them, and the returns would take care of itself.

Try to invest in your players and start early

Though it might seem early certain times have gone on to invest in their players early and have gone on to reap the rewards big time. Even if you choose a young captain and the faith of the team management might lead to success for the team. Yes, once such a faith shows the fact of the matter is that results are bound to be encouraging. This same approach you need to follow when you are about to purchase stocks. Do spot them early allow them to grow and in due course of time results are bound to occur. Now the same situation might not arise in mid-caps.

Eventually all investment decisions take place in your mind and your attitude to investing matters. Being an aggressive risk taker means you are willing to take a lot of chances as far as investing is concerned.

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