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Streaming Platform Netflix Experimenting With New Password Share Policy

Streaming Platform Netflix Experimenting With New Password Share Strategy

Streaming Platform Netflix Experimenting With New Password Share Policy

Netflix users across Argentina have been protesting over the Netflix decision to charge extra for using a Netflix account outside home. The streaming platform which is reportedly testing the scope of policy in the password share had earlier announced that it is planning a password crackdown in countries including, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominion Republic.

Protests In Argentina

Reports, bring out that, Argentina where users have protested against the Netflix decision online using hashtags, memes, and posts, had a subscriber base of 4.5 million in the year 2020. Trends like #chauNetflix which is in contrast to the Netflix promoted a campaign of #CheNetflix is gaining popularity. Reportedly, Netflix is the fourth largest market in the world for the company. USA, Canada and Australia rank at number one, two and three respectively.

Economic Condition Of Argentina

The protest among users is further aggravated by the economic conditions of Argentina. Reportedly, Netflix asks users in Argentina to pay in dollars for the subscription, which is on the costly side as the value of the Peso, decreases compared with the dollar. Further, in Argentina, there is a limit to how much amount a citizen can save in dollars, further there is also a limit to the amount a citizen can spend dollars using credit cards.

Netflix Statement

A Netflix official in a statement has said that the company aims to get the pricing right at the same time confirming that it is attempting to find out the best policies on pricing. Experts opine that Netflix’s new method of policy is aimed at finalizing its long-term goal on pricing. The reason why Netflix decided to experiment with its policy of pricing is because of the higher password share rate in the region. According to professor Guillermo Mastrini, Netflix is testing the policy which has the least damaging effect, he further opines that Netflix further aims to expand that policy to other nations.

Users in Argentina have also complained about the quality of content offered by Netflix. Few users expressed that, they would not like to consume the platform content even if it is economically feasible for them. According to a statement from a Netflix source, despite the anger on social media, the users have shown reluctance on leaving the platform.

“I want to make it clear that I’m unsubscribing because I don’t agree with the changes,” tweetd a user whose Twitter bio says they are based in Argentina.





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