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Sunseap makes 1st floating solar farm in Singapore

As global warming increases, we are slowly moving towards the use of renewable energy. And many companies focusing solely on this new form of energy are coming up. On the other hand, major existing companies in the space are also innovating a lot. One such company is Sunseap, which recently finished its first floating solar farm project in Singapore. The farm is located in the Straits of Johor and can produce up to 5 MW of electricity.

More about the floating solar farm project

This project is estimated to be one of the largest ones worldwide. It is also by one of the largest solar energy providers in Singapore. The farm has about 40 investors, 13,312 panels, and over 30,000 floating ones. This project also shows how solar farms can be built even on the open sea. It is very important for countries that have a shortage of land. The floating solar farm project will be one of the most important parts of Singapore’s renewable energy strategy. Talking about the completion of the project, even the CEO of Sunseap added that it is an important milestone for the company. Exploring open seas and lakes offers a lot more flexibility and opportunity at hand. It also makes theft and other human-related risks much less.

Sunseap completes offshore floating solar farm in Straits of Johor – The  Leading Solar Magazine In India

Sunseap takes real pride in its new frontier of offshore floating solar firms. And I am pretty sure that we are going to see more of those in the future. Even this project was set to complete for quite some time now. But the global pandemic took everyone by surprise, and the project got delayed. But as Sunseap builds more expertise in the field, we could see such farms built in a much lesser time than usual.

Other similar project and their need

There is a very real need for us to shift towards the use of renewable energy resources. It is the only way that we can sustain life on planet Earth. And Singapore is one of the few countries that has taken this up seriously. Their most current onshore solar farm project is currently active. It is being built by the Public utility board of the country. And when complete, the farm will be able to produce 60MW. This will be enough to power the entire local water treatment plants. It will also make sure that Singapore is constantly moving forwards and cutting down on its use of non-renewable energy.

What are your thoughts on the floating solar farm project? And do you think there will be a time when we actually move completely towards the use of renewable energy resources? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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