Supermarket Varus partners with Binance to provide crypto payment

There have been only a few supermarket chains worldwide that have been accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment options. Now, Varus is going to be one of them. It is a very famous retailer with a supermassive supermarket chain across Ukraine. Varus has partnered with one of the biggest crypto trading platforms, Binance, to accept crypto as a payment option. This will allow people to buy food items from the Varus website using Binance. 

Ukrainians will now use Binance pay to buy groceries from Varus 

As per the reports, Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange platform, has partnered with one of the biggest supermarket chains in Ukraine, Varus, to allow Ukranianais to purchase food items using digital coins as a payment method which can be great for them.

People can now buy food and other goods online using crypto in many Ukrainian cities, including, Brovary. Besides a new payment option, Varus has also promised its customers to provide fast delivery of the goods, which can be good for the buyers.

Varus joins the list of supermarket chains providing crypto payment
Image Source: Binance

If you want to take advantage of this amazing payment method, you just need to open your phone’s app store and download the Binance application on your device. After that, you only need to visit the Varus website, select the items you want to buy, and pay the bill using the Binance Pay wallet. You can also use any coin from your wallet to pay.

Other companies who had introduced crypto payment

Currently, this is not the only offline store chain with which Binance has collaborated. Besides Varus, Binance has collaborated with one of the biggest home appliances and electronics stores, Foxtrot, to introduce crypto payment. They were one of the first ones to do so in Ukraine.

On the other hand, WhitePay also introduced crypto as a payment option for the products and goods offered by major Ukraine tech product stores last month. Many big retail stores like Stylus and Tehnoezh have allowed their customer to pay using crypto by making use of a platform developed by Whitebit. This clearly indicates how fastly Ukraine is adopting cryptocurrencies.

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