Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town (Image Credits; Investopedia)
Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town (Image Credits; Investopedia)

Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town

Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town. (Image Credits;
Twitter Sued By A Dutch Town. (Image Credits;

Microblogging site Twitter has been taken to court by a small town based in Netherland for its inaction in removing conspiracy theories being propagated about the town. Conspiracy theories claim that the town witnessed the murder and abuse of children during the 1980s. Reportedly this unfounded theory has been propagated by three men since the year 2020. The town, Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, has asked the micro-blogging site to remove posts putting it in a bad light.

The conspiracy theory has found its takers in the town. Reportedly, people inspired by the micro-blogging site posts have started posting written messages to unknown old graves of children, linking their death to the conspiracy. Reports bring out that, the social media posts have created unrest in the town.

Reportedly, the peddler of the conspiracy theories has claimed first-hand experience of the atrocities from the town.

Take Down Order By Court

In the previous year, the district court of Hague had asked the three conspirators to take down all the posts and related material from the platform. The District Court had also asked them to ensure that the posts are not seen again.

Reportedly, despite the assurances provided to the district court, the conspiracy posts continue to raise their head from time to time. Unable to find a solution to the problem, the town decided to directly reach out to the micro-blogging site for the remedy.

Responsibility of Twitter

According to the advocate representing the town, the micro-blogging platform should take responsibility if the conspirators do not remove the content by themselves. Cees van de Zanden who is representing the town was reported as saying by Dutch Newspaper.

According to Van de Zanden, a request to remove the contents related to the conspiracy theory has already been sent to the micro-blogging site has been already sent in July. However, the micro-blogging site is yet to reply to the request of the town.

If conspiracy theorists don’t remove their messages, then the platforms involved need to act,” the town of Bodegraven’s lawyer Cees van de Zanden was quoted as saying by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant on Friday.

Three Convicts

All three accused of conspiracy theory are believed to be infamous as they have been convicted in multiple cases and are currently serving their terms in Jail. The accused are reported to have threatened even the former prime minister, and the health minister.