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Survey suggests 21% of Americans have dealt with crypto

A recent survey by NBC News suggested that 21% of Americans have dealt with crypto. It can be either through investment or the trading of digital assets. The total number of participants in the survey was 1000, which gives a rough idea of the popularity of crypto. However, it is still not large enough to conclude that 21% of all Americans have been involved with cryptocurrencies at least once.

The survey by NBC News

It’s being seen that with every survey, the user base of cryptocurrencies is increasing. The effect can also be seen in the rise in the market value of crypto and the increasing value of Bitcoin. In a recent poll that was conducted by NBC News, 21% of Americans have invested or traded in digital currencies at least once. The poll also suggested that crypto was more popular among men than women. Out of the survey demographics between the age of 18 and 49, 50% of males have dabbled in crypto at least once. This means the percentage of females was really small.

21% of Americans have dealt with crypto suggests survey

The survey also asked the participants how they felt about the digital currencies industry. 56% of them replied that they were neutral about the growing ecosystem. 25% were negative about it, and 19% of the individuals were positive.

Adoption is steadily rising

With the Executive Order by Joe Biden portraying crypto in a positive light, we can expect the adoption of crypto to rise. It doesn’t come as a surprise that every time a survey happens, more people seem to know or are invested in crypto. The same goes for the demographic for males and females. While both of them are rising, females always seem to be less interested in the crypto space. In fact, reports also suggest that a lot of them have been interested in the industry because of NFTs.

In a survey conducted in 2018, 21% of participants were considering adding crypto to their portfolios, while only 5% actually were invested in it. Compared to that, 21% in 2022 is a significant number—an almost 4x increase in 4 years.

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