Swiggy to let employees work 4 days a week in May

The online food ordering application- Swiggy, just recently announced that is going to offer its employees a four-day work week for the month of May. This step was taken keeping in mind the current situation and the growing covid-cases in the country that are affecting lakhs of Indians daily.

According to this announcement, the employees of Swiggy will get an allowance for work only 4 days a week instead of all seven. The employees will have to choose the four days that they will be working and rest days can be taken off.

However, it is not mandatory to follow this. Employees who voluntarily want to help on their day off are welcome.

Swiggy’s Head of Human Resourses, Mr. Girish Menon made this announcement to its employees via email on May 1, where he said- “As a mark of respect for the efforts and the month that May can be with the Covid cases escalating, we want to offer a 4-day work week to all of you. Please decide the 4 days that each of you would work and utilize the extra day to take rest, take care of yourself, take care of your family and friends. As many of you are aware, we have put together a Covid task force and we can definitely do more with more hands on the deck. Hence, if any of you would like to volunteer and actively help on the break day, you’re welcome.”

This step was necessary regardless of Swiggy having a pandemic support mechanism set up already. This emergency support team is formed to assist its employees in this crisis time.

Swiggy earlier launched an in-house app along with an employee support hotline—that helps employees to avail and access hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, ICUs, plasma, ambulance support, and other emergency and essential services through Swiggy’s network of partners, volunteers and healthcare providers.

Swiggy is also planning to cover for vaccination of all its employees and family members. Not just this, it is also gonna give a vaccination time off. Swiggy will also be offering hospitalization cover for employees and their families and if require quarantine spaces, Swiggy will give them access to temporary facilities with necessary nursing support and services.

The company will also be offering an early issue of salary for the month of May for employees that fall under grade 1 to 6 with an aim to offer some financial relief.