T-Mobile is Being urged by Activist Organisations to Halt Supplying Cell Service to the Guantánamo Bay Prison Facility.

T-Mobile is being urged by a coalition of 22 organisations to stop working with the Department of Defense to provide cell service to the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base and detention facility.

More than 4,000 times, T-Mobile has collaborated with the Department of Defense. According to coalition research provided to Insider, at least 11 of these contracts are for supplying cell service to the Guantánamo Bay detention facility.

The contracts started in 2016, have a total value of less than $700,000, were discovered by the coalition, and were examined by Insider.

A Navy memo dated March stated that “T-Mobile is the only service provider functioning in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.”

The primary voices in the coalition, the activist organisations Action Center on Race and the Economy, MPower Change, and Little Sis, concentrate on identifying corporate contractors for the Guantánamo Bay jail 20 years after it first opened in 2002. It follows their Big Tech Sells War campaign, which highlighted the infrastructure that tech giants provided for the War on Terror.

In a letter to T-Mobile, the coalition claims that the company “cannot claim to be working toward anti-racism while concurrently delivering services and telecommunications equipment to Guantánamo, a location that is synonymous with racial profiling, torture, and wrongful incarceration.”