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TATA Adds A New Digital Update To Nexon
Removes Buttons From The Interior

The trend of electric vehicles is slowly making its way to India. Most of the automobile giants and the Indian originated companies now want to capture this developing market. TATA Nexon is already being considered to be the highest selling electric car in India on a monthly basis. In just over six months after its launch, around one thousand cars were sold all over India.

Keeping all this in mind, TATA Motors has now incorporated a minor update in the vehicle model which will have a huge impact on its user. TATA Motors have now removed the buttons that were present below the central AC vents. These buttons were place for the infotainment system.

As newer and newer trends approach the market, the car manufacturers strive to serve the customers better by making the car more and more digital. This is one of the reasons why TATA Motors decided to do away with the buttons.

Image Credits: Indian Autos Blog

Instead of buttons, a touchscreen will be placed in the car to access various features offered by Nexon. The Nexon XZ variant and above were equipped with a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system. There were 6 buttons in total which used to perform various functions such as navigating the user towards Home, Favourites, Back, Smartphone, Next and Previous.

All the above functions can now be accessed with the help of a touchscreen which has now been fit into the latest models. However, some features can still be operated through the buttons which are present on the steering wheel.

With that being said, TATA Nexon still facilitates its users to access some of the infotainment features over voice command. But it is considered to be as convenient as having to use the buttons. There are different groups of people in the automotive sectors who favor different features. Some choose touchscreen, while others choose buttons and dials.

All the three are said to have their own negatives and positives. Some features are more astatically pleasing while others seem to be more user friendly. A touchscreen feature will free up a lot of space on the dash board and will reduce clutter to a great extent. On the other hand the buttons require the driver to take off their eyes off the road again and again in order to use them. This could put the driver, the passenger and the pedestrians in a life threatening condition. Hence they are considered to be not so practical when it comes to electric vehicles.

But there is another side for this argument too. Some people consider buttons to have an old school feel. This will help a lot of people to get introduced to and used to operating the electric vehicle. They seem to fall easily into the hands of the user and after some use one can easily recall their positions. Hence there is a possibility of suing the buttons without the driver taking their eyes off the road. But to what extend is it safe? The answer is still up for a debate.

Many claim that TATA Motors should have given its users the choice to choose between the physical control or a digital control over the vehicle. There is a possibility that TATA Motors might continue or discontinue the feature based on the type of response that is generated amongst the users as it is not rare to see car makers revisit their decisions.





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