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Technary.com – For Honest and Unbiased Gadget and Software Reviews !


Gadgets always fascinated me. So I said why not make a career talking about them!” It was his passion for gadgets and softwares that made Nikhil Narkhede start Technary.com, a gadget and software reviews blog. Nikhil started blogging  in June 2011 as a hobby while he was still pursuing his engineering  degree.Technary was officially registered as a company in June 2014. Today, Technary is a single handed blog turned to an online media company which strives to make it better and better everyday.

Today there are a number of gadgets available in the market. The wider choice makes it even more difficult for consumers to make a buying decision. And although there are a number of gadget and software review blogs available a lot of them talk about the device specifications and are not very useful to make a buying decision as per each persons requirements. Technary on the other hand tries to write honest and unbiased reviews coupled with opinions  about a particular device or software. The personal opinions about each device describing who the device is suitable for and who is it not suitable for helps people make a buying decision.

The online media industry especially the gadget and software blogging space is growing tremendously and there is a lot of competition in this space.”We do believe that if we persistently keep on doing honest reviews on a wide range of products we will get an upper edge in the market. We at Technary are striving hard to make sure that our reviews help the readers to get to their final decision of shopping for a gadget.”  says Nikhil.


Nikhil Narkhede, founder, Technary.com

Nikhil started his entrepreneurial journey right after college with no previous experience in the business world. What does an entrepreneur like him has to tell other entrepreneurs who are starting up very young ? “Do attend a lot of entrepreneurial events, seminars and conferences. The energy, the enthusiasm, the motivation, help and advice that you get from attending these conferences is tremendous. Another advice to all entrepreneurs would be to initially make investments only in those this that are required. For example you do not need to make investments in office space when you start off. It is the best to work remotely and virtually if and when possible .” says Nikhil.

So what can we expect from Technary in the coming few months ?”We are going to do a lot of exciting things on Technary We are going to give readers more useful content on a regular basis. I would like to exclusively reveal on TechStory that we are going to launch an exciting new online portal by this year end. I will just say that this portal will be about Games and it will be part of the Technary Company. Will launch the website by this year end.” explains Nikhil.

The company is currently well funded by its clients and is not looking for any external funding.



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