Techstory Focuses on Building Global Tech Companies Through Their Pune Event Hou De Startup on 7th January !


2nd January 2017, Pune : Techstory Media will host Pune’s coolest startup event on the 7th of January 2017. The event will be a combination of networking, pitch session and fireside chat and will focus on building global tech companies out of Pune.

Pune is home to a number of technology startups. Companies such as FirstCry, Arcatron Mobility, Druva, Helpshift, Megavenues, Townscript, Altizon Systems have all put Pune on the global map. The abundance of tech talent available in the city has fostered a culture of building technology products out of Pune. However, most entrepreneurs focus on India as a market instead of thinking about the product as the one for global audiences. We want to change this attitude. Through this event our effort is to create a community of small but powerful tech entrepreneurs who will build global tech companies out of Pune,” said Dipti Gore, the founder of Techstory Media.

The 3 hour long event “HouDe Startup” will be held in Pune on the 7th of January from 5pm to 8 pm and will consist of networking, pitching session and a fireside chat. All these sections will focus on building global technology companies out of Pune. The one hour networking session will allow participants to interact with technology startup investors such as ah! Ventures, Kae Capital and more, mentors and other technology entrepreneurs. As a part of the pitching session 5 technology startups that Techstory believes have the ability to become global companies will pitch and get feedback from investors.

The Fireside chat will see Baishampayan Ghose, the co founder and CTO of Helpshift, talk about creating tech products for a global audience. Helpshift is a company based out of San Fransisco and Pune and till date has received $38.53M in 4 Rounds of funding from 7 Investors.  We at Techstory strongly believe that Indian startups are creating some really good products. However, entrepreneurs lack the attitude to create technology products for a global market. Through our events our effort is to create an attitude and a community to build for the global market rather than only building for Indian audiences. Our speaker Baishampayan will speak about how to go about creating a successful global product.

Techstory has partnered with various organizations in Pune such as The Mesh, ah!Ventures, Pune Open Coffee Club, Sparkpluggers, Edugild, Designgild, Investronaut as a part of this event.

Readers can register here to attend our event –