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TechStory: Top tech highlights this week

Top tech News

Technology has been actively involved in the process of advancement throughout the globe and at TechStory, we bring to you the top tech highlights from this week, so that you can glance at what our tech industry is up to.

1. Apple’s October event:

Right after the iPhone launch in September, Apple is up next for its October event. Apple has announced that the next event will be held on October 18th, and kicks off at 10:30 pm IST. M1X MacBook Pro, AirPods 3 and more are expected!

2.Instagram’s outage alert feature:

After having a bad last week, Facebook Inc. has decided to make it a little easier for users to know when the social media giant is facing an outage. The new feature will be launched for Instagram where in case of an outage in its services, the app will notify its users. So, no more switching between your Wi-Fi and Mobile Data anymore, the trouble-maker is also the problem-solver.

3. WhatsApp introduces end-to-end cloud backup encryption

WhatsApp, our favourite instant messaging app has recently introduced a life-saving feature, end-to-end encryption for cloud backups. Till now only the chats that were stored on WhatsApp were end-to-end encrypted but in its latest update, WhatsApp will allow end-to-end encryption for chat backups. While the chats were always encrypted, there was always a danger to backup WhatsApp chats in Google Drive or iCloud, not anymore.


4. Apple to slash down iPhone 13 production

Apple has been struck by the effects of the global chip outage because of which it is most likely to slash production of its iPhone 13 lineup by as much as 10 million units. This is a big number, even for Apple but there is no supply for the chips that Apple needs for the newest iPhone 13 production. As mentioned in a report by Bloomberg, Apple was expected to release over 90 million units of the iPhone 13 models by this year-end, and that won’t happen now.

5. Acer has confirmed an isolated data breach of its systems in India

Acer India has confirmed a data breach on its after-sales system in India. It was a massive yet isolated breach. According to Acer, the appropriate authorities have been intimated and upon detection of this breach, all security protocols were immediately initiated and a full scan of the systems was set in place.


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