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Telegram Brings Down its Subscription Fee to More Than Half in India

According to various reports, Telegram has decreased its subscription fee to more than half in India. India is one of the largest markets for this company. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece

About the decrease in the subscription fee

Telegram made the announcement about the reduction in the subscription fee for premium users. The price of the subscription has gone down from 469 rupees to 179 rupees. The reports collected by TechCrunch suggest that the motive behind taking this step is to increase its user base which will also lead to more cash and eventually improve the finances of the company. India is one of the biggest markets for the company so there was no better country for launching this policy than India. 120 million users of the app are Indians, so the major user population of the app is in this country. Apart from this, the app has also come up with some new features. Some of them are the infinite reactions and the status emojis among many others. The company has made a lot of changes in its design, especially the reaction panel which is expandable now. Users will now also have the option to attach at least 3 reactions to a message. Telegram does make a lot of money in India, considering that is second in line after Whatsapp.

About Telegram

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For people who do not know much about Telegram, this article is here to help you learn more about it. It is a  free instant messaging app. You can also opt to buy the paid subscription as well as which has a lot more interesting features. The app is extremely popular because first of all, it is very easy to use. It won’t take you much time to learn how the app works. The aim of the app is to provide you with complete privacy so that whatever you share won’t get out. It ha heavily encrypted codes so this app is extremely safe to use. One of the reasons why people prefer to use this app is because it doesn’t have any limit set for the sharing of media, videos or texts. Your media can be of an extremely large size and still you will be able to share it with others on this platform. Along with the option of having access to your chat from multiple devices, the app is also pretty fast in delivering your messages and is also extremely reliable as it keeps the hackers away.