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Telegram rolls out update with new Payment System 2.0, Voice chat scheduling and much more


Source: MobileAppDaily

Telegram is a Dubai-based cloud mobile and desktop messaging platform that focuses on security, privacy and speed. It has become of the most popular instant messaging apps after WhatsApp. In fact, after WhatsApp’s latest privacy policies and all the criticisms that the company received from users and privacy activists from all across the world, Telegram became the primary alternative to WhatsApp as users started to boycott the service. Since then, Telegram’s userbase has expanded exponentially and it is not the only reason, the platform is known for its privacy and security.

Recently, the instant messaging platform has rolled out some major updates for the application which includes a revamped Payment System 2.0, a new Voice Chat scheduling feature and APK download accessibility option.

Payment System Update:

First things first, Telegram is updating its Payment system with a better and improved 2.0 version. This new system will expand from the company’s existing payment bot paradigm that would allow payments to be made in any chat to anyone. The new 2.0 version of the company’s payment system will now allow payments to be made possible from any Telegram app and is no longer restricted to just the telegram mobile application.

Telegram boasts about its privacy and security so much and actually delivers. This is evident as the company allows businesses and individuals to choose from over eight different payment processors in the industry- Yandex. Money, Stripe, Tranzzo and several others, as mentioned in a report by 9to5Google.

Why does this matter? because Telegram wants to ensure that it is not taking any commission on any transaction made through the Telegram app. The platform also claims that it does not store any payment information given by users.

Voice Chat Scheduling Update:

Telegram has this phenomenal audio voice chat feature that works in similar fashion to Clubhouse. Earlier, there was no option to schedule a voice chat with proper date and time but with this latest update, the company has decided to change that for a better user experience. Users can now schedule a live voice chat session well in advance to give other users a prior heads up about you going live. According to 9to5Google, users can see a countdown on the profile before the voice chat is scheduled to go live. Users will also have an option to turn on notifications for when the chat is scheduled to go live. Simple but significant feature updates have been made by Telegram with this Voice Chat Scheduling update.

APK Download Update:

As we know, Telegram is not just a mobile application, it supports a web app as well. For people who like to use Telegram on the web, the company is testing two prototypes, Telegram Web Z and Telegram Web K, both of which come with Dark Mode support. In addition to this, the company is also offering a direct APK download of the Telegram app to avoid delayed Google Play Store approvals.  




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