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Tesla did what Apple could not! Wireless charging now a reality
Tesla has officially unveiled the Tesla wireless charging technology, a Qi-based wireless charging technology that took inspiration from its future Cybertruck

What Apple couldn’t accomplish, Tesla has achieved. AirPower, a wireless charging platform that can simultaneously charge numerous gadgets, was launched by Apple back in 2017. Due to various technical challenges, the firm decided to discontinue the product.


Tesla has officially unveiled the Tesla wireless charging technology, a Qi-based wireless charging technology that took inspiration from its future Cybertruck. A maximum of three devices can be wirelessly powered simultaneously, and each gadget can get up to 15W of energy.

Tesla wireless charging platform is capable of charging up to three devices at the same time.

The Tesla wireless charging system seems to have received some influence from AirPower since it provides “FreePower” functionality, which enables for wireless charging of a smartphone or gadget without exact alignment with the charging station.

A tiny Tesla logo is positioned on the front of the charging pad, which contains a combination of 30 coils. According to the wide variety of product photos, the item appears to be created for Apple users and seems to be suitable for wirelessly recharging Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhones.


The wireless battery charger from Tesla is a high-quality gadget with an Alcantara covering that prevents damage. Similar to that, it also includes a replaceable magnetized holder that helps users to put the smartphone both flat or at an angle. A 65W interface is also provided with the gadget to charge the wireless charging pad.


For $300, which is approximately Rs 25,000, the Tesla wireless charging station is currently up for pre-order on the company site. This is an exceptionally high price for a wireless charging pad. The device will begin shipping, as per the business, in February 2023.


Apple Inc. was working on the AirPower wireless charging station. It can charge up to three gadgets at one time and operate with two Qi electronic devices, such as an iPhone and AirPods, in addition to an Apple Watch. The announcement was given on September 12, 2017. Initially planned to launch in early 2018, AirPower ended in failure, creating numerous concerns about the product’s destiny until Apple revealed on March 29, 2019, that the release had been delayed.


About Qi technology:


The wireless charging interface used globally is Qi. Its term, which interprets as “vital energy” or “an intangible flow of power,” derives from Asian philosophy. The basic aim of Qi is that each gadget bearing the Qi label is suitable for each and every Qi charger.




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