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Tesla employees return workplace to see chaos stricken offices

A few days, the CEO of Tesla, Inc. Elon Musk sent a mail to all employees in the company stating that everyone should return to the office. Mail also said that they should work at least 40 hours a week from the office. Those who don’t follow the directive were supposed to lose their jobs.

This was part of Musk’s decision to implement a strict policy of “work from office” in his company.

Following the directive from CEO himself, all the Tesla employees returned to offices to find out chaos-stricken offices with occupied desks, filled parking slots and idle Wi-Fi.

Chaos in Fremont

When Tesla employees returned to the Tesla facility in Fremont, California, some people found it difficult to park their cars. Others didn’t find any free desk space to do their jobs. Fortunate people who somehow managed to find out work desks got frequently irritated by continuous problems with Wi-Fi connection and speed.

Everyone was out of the office for almost two years, and it seems that Tesla management and local managers were unable to sort out logistical and other issues in the office properly.

At the end of the day at the Fremont tesla facility, managers sent all employees back to work from home so that they can sort out the concerns inside the office.

Work from Office

According to Elon Musk, working from home decreases the efficiency of a person. He uses the logic that Tesla is a carmaker and cars cannot be produced at home. In the mail to employees, he mentioned that those who do not wish to return to the office can quit their jobs.

Musk’s decision to make 40 hours of work from the office mandatory in a week has left even CEOs of other corporations in awe.

According to a report by The Information,  employees at Tesla have increased by two times in the last two years. Currently, 99210 people are working under Tesla motors.

Mass lay-offs at Tesla

A few weeks ago, while talking at the Qatar Economic Forum, Elon Musk said that Tesla was planning to ire almost 10% of the salaried workforce in the next three months. Qatar Economic Forum is organized by Bloomberg.

Elon Musk feels that the economy is not n good shape and there needs to be cost-cutting and employee restructuring in the company.

If it happens, and 10% of the workforce is fired, Tesla will be laying off about 3.5% of its entire experienced workforce.

There are also several reports that several multinational corporations are waiting to recruit experienced employees from tesla who gets fired or laid off.




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