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Tesla Europe Sales in May Increase By 240% Than Last Year

Tesla is popular in Europe, however, it was challenging for Nevada Factory to provide the demand. Eventually, as China started to supply in Europe the sales increased by 240%. However, it is not impressive as the number shows, because of the pandemic effect on sales last year.

Tesla Europe Sales Figures

May sales

Despite leaving out last year’s sales, Tesla’s May 2021 sales increased by 123% compared to 2019 sales. As Europe is popular for hybrid models than electric, this drastic increase in sales was unpredicted.

In one month, the company sold 9,143 Tesla cars in various countries in Europe. Some countries have single or double-digit sales like Denmark has 4 Tesla cars registered in May. Also, Portugal and Netherlands registered less than 100 Tesla cars.

Image credits- Tesmanian, Tesla Motors club

As the data shows, the highest sales are in Germany, followed by France and then the UK. However, the Tesla cars are yet to be popular in Germany compared to its rivals like Volkswagen.

However, Tesla model 3 is more popular in the UK than other brands. It is said that the number of Tesla Model 3 models on road is overtaken by the Nissan Leaf models in the past four months. There is a total of 39,900 model 3s on the UK roads. While Nissan Leaf cars are lower by a small margin, with 38,900 cars on road.

Volkswagen’s sales higher than Tesla in Europe

In Q1 Volkswagen sold around 16,000 cars in Germany, while Tesla was able to sell only around 6,000 cars. Competing for the local companies which have been there in the area for decades is a challenge for Tesla.

And as the 12-month roll sales details came out, Tesla is not in 2nd or 3rd positions. But is fifth in Europe with EV sales compared to its rivals.

While the company claims to not be able to provide the demand, people seem to be opting for other brands as their EVs. Also, Tesla is set to begin its Giga Berlin manufacturing by year-end. Which are to make things better for the company.

On another interesting note, most companies relied on Norway sales for their European market. Because Norway is considered the best place with convenient policies and regulations. However, Tesla had future sales in mind, resulting in working towards Giga Berlin, and Germany sales.

Another reason to consider is, the other brands have various models in the market. But Tesla relies on its three models, where two are mostly considered by their buyers.



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