Zomato To Go On Using 100% Electric Vehicles For Delivery By 2030

In a recent post on the Zomato’s blog page titled- “One more step towards a sustainable future,” it said that they are planning to go 100% on electric vehicles by 2030.

The post was dated June 5, 2021.

The blog said that this is yet another important step towards building a more sustainable enterprise.

Zomato announced that they will be joining hands with the Climate Group and are also being a part of their global electric mobility initiative, EV100. In this initiative, Zomato is going to adopt a 100% commitment of electric vehicles running on the road for deliveries by Zomato by the year 2030.

Zomato made the news public vis a tweet which said- “As part of our plans to reduce our carbon footprint, we are committing to 100% adoption of electric vehicles for delivery by 2030. Zomato has joined @ClimateGroup ‘s global electric mobility initiative #EV100.”

The tweet was made on June 5, which is also World Environment Day.

As of now, Zomato is making use of EV scooters in cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Currently the amount of EVs used are extremely small. The company says that it understands that 100% adoption of EV vehicles is not easy, but in the long run, it is essential. Currently, the adoption of EV is very low for the not only the company but for the whole two-wheeler industry. According to Zomato, the biggest barriers that cause an impact to the adoption of EV are limited battery range, lack of charging infrastructure, higher upfront costs and lack of trust in new technology.

However, the company believes that looking at the current rapid rate of innovation in the industry and with the Government’s support, a much faster transition to EV from petrol and diesel is expected.

Zomato is currently actively working with a few of EV players to help them design pilot models and create business models that could smoothen the progress of a faster transition towards a viable mobility solution for deliveries.