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Tesla FSD Beta roll out strategy, tips to get better safety score

Elon Musk explains on Twitter, about to the company plans to roll out the FSD Beta to drivers depending on the safety score. A few days back the FSD Beta request button was made available, upon which the driver agrees to give the driving date to Tesla.

Tesla to Add 'Download Beta' Button to Participate in FSD Beta Testing

Image credits- Tesmanian

Elon Musk explains that the safety scores maybe initially 100/100, then they may reduce to 99/100 and it could continue, stay stable or change as per the driving data.

While the critics may find the problems about Tesla not having appropriate safety tools. The safety score is actually made to ensure only eligible drivers are able to avail the program. Tesla has been providing the Tesla FSD Beta program to selected customers in the past randomly. It resulted in many issues, where some videos of customers using the vehicle in dangerous situations were shown.

But now, Tesla identifies a system like safety score, which enables the driver to use the program based on the recorded past details. US Senator, Richard Blumenthal claimed that “Tesla is putting untrained drivers on public roads as testers for their misleadingly-name, unproven system—a seeming recipe for disaster.”

Getting a better score

Blumenthal’s claim didn’t include the fact that Tesla released the FSD request option with extreme precautions. Tesla has been working on that aspect as the company had to deal with a lot of criticism in the past each time there was a Tesla accident. Despite being detlays in the rollouts, the recent Tesla FSD Beta Version 10s continue to be much safer and advanced than the earlier versions.

Elon Musk stated that a driver would need a perfect score. Having a 100/100 score might be difficult. As drivers who got the update keep sharing their experiences, it can be seen how the company is not going to just randomly give out the FSD Beta feature.



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