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Xbox Series X now supports Dolby Vision Gaming

Microsoft has announced that Dolby Vision Gaming will be available on the Xbox Series X and S series with more than 100 current HDR titles. According to Microsoft hundreds of classic HDR10 + and Auto HDR supported games will get the benefit of improved image quality and new enhancements with the Dolby Vision Gaming on the next-gen consoles.

Katie Slattery, Xbox Program Manager at Microsoft told The Verge about Dolby Vision that more than 100 next-generation HDR titles for the X and S series will be optimized to offer the new feature. In addition, over 100 more current games will soon be available and the company’s existing game library, which runs on Xbox Series X / S with regular HDR and auto-HDR support, will benefit from the partnership in the form of better image quality on Dolby Vision-enabled displays. The Dolby Visions extension is the latest for Xbox game consoles, which Microsoft unveiled last year along with Dolby Atmos support for games.

The Xbox S and X series support HDR10 + standards, and this year Dolby Vision Gaming will be released on both consoles with support for dynamic metadata. The Dolby Visions implementation of Series X includes features that apply a degree of Dolbyvision enhancement to the game engine and game level of the consoles, and create HDR10 SDR titles for the X Series Auto HDR system.

Dolby Vision-compatible features such as DirectX raytracing, Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) are also part of the Xbox X and S series. Microsoft and Dolby are working with TV manufacturers to enable 120 Hz Dolby Vision features on compatible models. Microsoft has been offering support for Dolby Atmos from the very start and has been giving it in games since its launch. The new Dolby Vision feature combines with Dolby Atmos audio support to provide a superior gaming experience on the latest Xbox consoles.

Xbox Series X now supports Dolby Vision Gaming

Credit @ Xbox

You will need a compatible Dolby Vision TV for XPS to use these new features on the Xbox Series X console, and Microsoft recommends enabling Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM). The PS5 and Last-Gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) can display HDR, and some games already support it. Today, support for advanced Dolby Vision HDR graphics systems is introduced and the announcement brings the news that over 100 next-gen games have confirmed that Dolby Vision graphics support is integrated into their graphics engines for the ultimate HDR experience.

To prepare players for this, Microsoft has released Dolby Vision support for all games in its Xbox X and S series consoles in recent months. The list of games will only grow in the future and Dolby and Xbox worked closely with different developers to make this possible. To ensure that a growing library of games is available, we have worked closely with developers to provide them with the tools they need to make sure their titles take full advantage of the Dolby vision.

Xbox Series X now supports Dolby Vision Gaming

Credit @ Xbox

Developers will also be able to optimize existing and already released Xbox One games to take advantage of Xbox X technologies such as higher graphics throughput, faster frame rates, beam tracking, and support for the console storage architecture. More than 100 future-generation HDR titles have already been optimized for the Xbox S and S series, including 343 Industries Halo Infinite, which will receive Dolby Atmos support later this year. The Xbox Series X provides an enhanced visual experience for thousands of classic games. Games will be supported till the original Xbox console games that support backward compatibility with Xbox One, allowing the console to support up to four generations of games.

You won’t find Dolby Vision Dynamic HDR formats or calibrated contrast support built into 4K Blu-ray players for Xbox X games, although the latter is expected to change in 2021. The X Series will be the first to have THX-certified game modes, which means that All VRR offers faster response time and excellent overall color, which is a key component to getting the most out of the PS5 and Xbox X series.



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