Tesla is holding its 2023 “Investor Day” on March 1st
Tesla is holding its 2023 “Investor Day” on March 1st

Tesla is holding its 2023 “Investor Day” on March 1st

Tesla motors an electric carmaker company from the United States will have its investor day also called analysts day 1st of March for the year 2023. This investor’s Day will be held at the Giga factory of Tesla. The details about this universe today have been issued by the press release of Tesla.

The company has mentioned in its press release that it will be providing the live stream of the event along with that they will be inviting some of the institutional investors and retail investors to attend this meeting in person.

The press note by the company mentioned that with the help of this event, the investors of the company will be able to look out for the most advanced production potentials of Tesla motors along with the long-term discussion plans of the company regarding the generation 3 platform and the capital allocation of company and other subjects which have been a part of the companies leadership team.

The investor days also called analyst days which the investors can attend all the company meetings in the form of public meetings the CEO of the company is seen to discuss important presentations of the company in public and open meetings and all the other team members of the company in the form of a live audience. In this presentation, the company also explains the purpose and the process of updation of Companies direction soon.

Key points of discussion at Investor Day

The key thing that will be discussed in this meeting is Tesla’s long-term expansion plans along with this it is expected that at this summit Tesla will be plans of announcing their new Giga factory location. It is also expected that in this event that Tesla will reveal their quarter four earnings.

The investor meeting of Tesla for the year 2022 was held in August. In this meeting, Tesla discussed the stakeholder’s plans in the company along with the new factory location of Tesla soon. Although till the end of 2022, they were not able to finalize, the new location it is a buzz that Tesla might be installing these new factories in Canada and Mexico.

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News regarding the new location of the Tesla factory in Canada has been mentioned by the minister of innovation, space, and industry of Canada which is François-Philippe Champagne. In this news issue, he mentioned that with the help of one more auto plant in Canada, there will be more jobs more investment, and an increase in the scale of the economy for everyone.