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Tesla Model 3 beats Porsche Taycan Turbo S in All-Japan EV Grand Prix Series 2021

In ongoing Japan’s EV Grand Prix Series Tesla Model 3 is showing a stellar performance by defeating the monster, Porsche Taycan Turbo S. Model 3 with an output of 200kW beats the Taycan Turbo S with 560kW output. In the 55 km race, the Taycan dominated in the first half but was a few seconds behind in the second half.

Tesla Model 3 proves it's at home on the track in Japan's all-EV Grand Prix

Image credits- Teslarati

Disappointing for Porsche fans

The Taycan Turbo S incidentally lost its power midway during the race, that was then the Model 3 took over. And the Taycan’s driver expressed his thoughts on Porsche being defeated. Said that it is disappointing for Porshe fans to see the defeat, but adds that the technology is yet to be improved. Electric vehicle races are slightly different than fuel-based. The driver states that with this defeat, Porsche will now be improved more and more.

As said by him, “I opened the window of the very fun electric racing world. I think we still need more and more technological innovation. I think it was a very disappointing result for Porsche fans. I think Porsche did it until they ran the Nürburgring. Beyond that, Porsche has not yet been able to set up for the world beyond 25 km. This is a fact, so it will be improved more and more from now on. I’m sure RS will come out after Turbo S. I want them to send information to Weissach and set it up. We (will) also consider some measures. Thank you,”

Two Tesla Model 3 cars defeated Taycan Turbo S

In the second round, the results were similar to the first round. During the first 10 laps, the Taycan Turbo S was winning the race, but then in the last 13 rounds the performance was lost again and Tesla Model 3 continued to win the race.

Here two Tesla Model 3 cars participated. One is unplugged performance and the other is with mountain pass performance parts. The one with Mountain pass performance parts won the race.

Eventually, by the third round, the Porsche slowed down initially instead of speeding up at the start itself. So it lasted in the first position longer than the earlier rounds. However, by the 10th lap, the Taycan lost its power, and Model 3 dominated once again.

The race shows that the electric vehicle race can be different from the earlier races. The Porsche Taycan Turbo S despite being a monster, couldn’t defeat the Tesla Model 3 as the power was not consistent beyond the 10th lap. But the Model 3 continued its performance till the last lap.



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