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Tesla Model 3 cheaper than NYC yellow cabs?
The math is easy, buy a Tesla Model 3 or pay high cab fares

NYC Yellow cabs are known all over the world, not just in New York. The recent trend shows that buying an electric car is cheaper, people do the math.

First Tesla Model 3 NYC yellow cab hits the road - Electrek
Credits- Electreck

Tesla being popular that taxis is nothing new, in Europe, the increasing infrastructure enabled people to prefer an electric car. Once a consumer invests in an electric car, the later maintained costs of fuel are reduced. However, in NYC, taxi drivers are preferring Tesla cars. Avoiding taxis in a dense city is not possible. However, drivers have noticed the math and are preferring Tesla.

Taxi Tesla

Around 100 Teslas have been running as Taxis in Amsterdam Airport. Since the Model 3, drivers have started considering their options. Maintenance and fuel costs can be reduced largely through electric cars.

The newer model, Tesla Model 3 is being used as a taxi in Madison, Wiscon. There are around 40 electric cars as taxis in the area. In NYC, there is only one Tesla cab, which completed its 100 trips by now.

The reason behind only Tesla as a taxi is because Tesla Model 3 is the only one of the fully electric cars allowed to be used as a taxi. The other electric cars are yet to reach the idea of selling their vehicles to drivers.

The Columbus Yellow cabs purchased 10 Tesla cars in 2019, probably to see how it goes. It is expected that they are going to book the new model too, but they say electric cars are still costly. Besides, the Madison airport cabs have already planned to convert their hybrid cars to the Model 3.

There all along

Tesla has been doing this since 2014, but that was a hybrid version. The one main concern yet to be solved for NYC cab drivers to consider, charging port availability. The hybrid can be used in any way, but it is different from electric. Running throughout the day and night, drivers wouldn’t know where they might run out of battery. As per the mileage, the Model 3 is perfect for taxi drivers.

Joe Biden’s initiatives to work on infrastructure, that is, electric chargers is one of the reasons why people are long forward to replacing yellow cabs with Tesla.

However, some are yet skeptical about Joe Biden’s EV focus would work out. The statistics are based on the current number of EVs being used. While electric cars are worried about charging ports, the charging ports are wondering if people will really use EVs. The contradicting situation is on evaluating, not among the public.

Joe Biden’s plan includes building 500,000 charging stations in America, within the next 8 years. After Tesla and General Motors, Nissan is expected to gain popularity for EVs.