April Fools’ Day pranks on social media by brand?how

While the historical backdrop of April Fool’s Day is covered in numerous legends and sounds, the day has been a festival of the guileless human instinct throughout recent centuries. Brands and media are utilizing the primary day of April to enjoy with their fans and supporters for certain practical jokes, clever tricks, and some fascinating lies.

This year as well, a few brands thought of fake items, interesting online media posts, and tricks to keep the soul of the day alive and left their followers clucking. Here are probably the coolest April Fool’s Day 2021 missions by the brands that governed web-based media:

Amazon Prime Video India

Amazon Prime’s plan this April Fool’s day was to not trick their adherents, but instead, help them rather trick their friends. The brand at that point posted a rundown of helpful alternatives that can be utilized to deceive the followers of Amazon Prime’s contributions.



Flipkart had a good time with its followers on Thursday when it reported that it will currently acknowledge Bitcoins as a substantial method of installment. The declaration was without further ado followed by a tweet that read, “B̶i̶t̶c̶o̶i̶n̶ Super coin* Oops (Winking face) #AprilFoolsDay (sic).”


Keventers played seven days in length April Fool’s mission, beginning with Holi, to trick its supporters. The brand launched a restricted time-frame ‘Bhang Flavored Milkshake’, just before the Holi long end of the week which revealed on April Fool’s Day how they had organized a very much planned and suitably themed trick around an item that didn’t exist.



Manforce Condoms made a solid point against false orgasms with their brazen April Fool’s day post inscribed, “It’s false if it’s not with Manforce #AprilFools (sic).” The short video requests that individuals quit dying to false orgasms and begin utilizing Manforce condoms to make the moans genuine.



Unacademy utilized the since a long time ago played a stunt of making counterfeit merry-go-round presents on Instagram to stunt their supporters into swiping directly on a non-existent photograph reel. It brazenly subtitled the post, “Nobody can trick our Learners! (sic.)”



Zivame briefly blew their followers’ minds with an “unrealistic” item; the programmed bra that unlocks itself when you arrive at home. It made a few women quit looking over and, regardless of whether briefly, picture flawlessness.



While most brands were attempting to prank their social media followers with false outcomes, MTV accomplished the real-life wait for “aish” to appear to mention to them that “The Joke Is On Us.” The primary school, at that point graduation, at that point getting hitched, and afterward bringing up your children; the joke of life on you, who is standing by to get the opportunity for yourself is the most reasonable April Fool’s joke ever, that remains forever.