Tesla China Just Opened Asia's Largest Tesla Delivery Center -

Tesla opening its sixth and largest location in Denmark

The grand opening of Tesla’s sixth and largest location in Denmark was officially opened on November 23. The mayor of Esbjerg, Jesper Frost Rasmussen attended the event. It is a 48,500-square-foot building, housing a store, service, and delivery center. It is set up to meet the growing needs of the market.

Tesla China Just Opened Asia's Largest Tesla Delivery Center -
Image credits- Clean Technica

The Tesla team held various competitions among visitors in which they won gifts from the company. In addition, the first 50 visitors also received nice gifts from the manufacturer. Everyone who wished had the opportunity to get a Tesla Model Y test drive. The organizers of the opening offered a free car wash to visitors who made a test drive, which was a very nice bonus.

Tesla has announced that it will open a new location in the industrial area of ​​Ribe in March 2022. It is located at Ribe, 11 Ole Rømers Vej. This was the first location in Denmark to combine a store, delivery, and service center. In addition to Model Y, Tesla says there will also be Model 3, and soon the new Model S and Model X Plaid will be available at the Riba showroom.

Denmark sales

Statista stated Danish sales of Tesla cars continued to experience substantial growth a considerable growth in 2020. Cars from this brand were sold over 4,700 times that year, while the number of sales in the previous year amounted to about 2,700 units. The numbers displayed in the statistic show the total number of electric cars registered per January 1 of each year. In addition, according to the Statista MMO, electric, hybrid, and alternative cars were the least sold in Denmark, compared to other fuel types. Whereas the sales number of petrol cars was more than 139,000, not even 1.5 thousand electric cars were newly registered in 2018.