tesla doubles down on range estimates

Tesla put renewed focus on range prediction by adding several factors

Tesla is doubling down to deliver double that range by focusing on factors like tire pressure, battery cooling, and heating. These will be considered in calculations, to increase the efficiency of the vehicles.  The information about what Tesla is working on comes from Tesla Hack “green” who finds the release notes before the official announcement.

Tesla doubles down on range estimates
Image credits- Industry Week

Factors like battery cooking, heating, and tire pressure are extremely difficult to calculate despite which kind of powertrain the vehicle has. Including this and calculating the range of a battery pack would be complex. However, this would be much closer to the accurate range. Being an EV driver, it is always better to know the exact range than to predict wrong and lose peace over the range calculations.

Tesla has been an efficient leader in the segment. It continues to be an expert as the automaker is moving ahead with its focus on doubling down range prediction. Despite having longer ranges, this is a concern that has been among EV owners. Especially as the charging stations are not fully located in every location.

When entering a destination in the navigation system, Tesla gives the driver the expected range remaining at the destination, but Tesla drivers know that most of the time it’s actually going to be much lower than the estimate. In 2018, Tesla added more environmental factors (elevation changes, weather, etc.) to the calculation. It helped, but it is still far from accurate. You put a destination in the system and Tesla’s trip advisor tells you how much energy you will have left by the time you get there, but it’s not rare to see the amount of energy go down fast as you drive.

Range prediction

Earlier this year, Tesla put a renewed focus on range prediction using “crosswind, headwind, humidity, and ambient temperature” in a software update. Now it looks like Tesla is pushing it even further by adding several other factors in its range calculations, including tire pressure and even phone charging.

Tesla is making effort to exactly have accurate range estimates. Though the things might seem minor, in long term, having such information largely benefits the owner. Having tire pressure in the calculations would add a lot of difference to the estimates. Tesla’s ranges are already impressive, considering the performance and price. Though it might decrease the values in certain circumstances, it is said that the owners could be better at knowing the values. It is surprising to some extent how Tesla hasn’t already done that. But it is to be noted that generally, automakers do not do all the calculations due to the complexity involved.