Tesla releases record of crashes with and without autopilot engaged in Q4 2021

Tesla records showing number of crashes with and without autopilot usage

Tesla releases records for Q4 2021 which show that when the autopilot was engaged, for every 4.31 million miles driven there was one crash. And when the autopilot was not engaged, for every 1.59 miles driven there was one crash. This significant difference could also be for the fact that only limited Tesla vehicle owners use the autopilot now. Especially since there has been the introduction of safety scores to have autopilot option.

Tesla releases record of crashes with and without autopilot engaged in Q4 2021
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While that was the case with Q4, the previous quarter results showed that for every 4.97 million miles driven with autopilot, there was one crash. And for vehicles without autopilot, there was one crash for every 1.6 miles driven. To get an idea of the overall crashes in the United States, NHTSA reported that for every  484,000 miles driven there was one crash. This data is for regular vehicles without any autopilot. Furthermore, the data shows that an estimated 20,160 people died from January to June in 2021 from US motor vehicle crashes. The numbers have increased by 20% since 2020 and this is the highest since 2006.

Fatalities and fatality rate by quarter, first half, full year and the percentage change from the corresponding quarter, first half or full year in the previous year.
Image credits- NHTSA

Tesla vehicles safety reports

Many times these safety reports show a positive aspect of using Tesla vehicles. Also, the company claims that the crash damage is relatively lower for Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles. The data is also confirmed as the  US government’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) tested these vehicles and showed the lowest overall probability of injury of any vehicle tested by them.

Furthermore, there are times when many YouTubers test the vehicle and see how much the car can get damaged. There are various interesting videos where Tesla vehicles are compared with other EVs and Tesla vehicles continue to prove to be much safer options. Just last week, Tesla China explained how the cars’ designs and the materials used to build them make the company’s vehicles safe. The video, which is quite extensive at eight minutes, provided details on how Tesla goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of its vehicles’ passengers.

The video explains how Tesla vehicles are made of “super-high-strength” thermal forming steel at a certain location of the vehicle. Such that went the accident occurs, the cabins can withstand the strong force. The materials engineer noted from Giga Shanghai, “The unibody casting door frame actually uses the strongest armor-class steel in the industry. It is formed using unibody casting so the whole side of the car is protected by ultra-strength steel. It makes sure that the passengers can still open the door while escaping a collision,”

Though the cars made in the US and China are different, the making and the model of the vehicles are similar. The vehicles made in China are replicated by how Tesla operates in the US, except that the materials used are usually locally (or nearby) acquired materials.