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Tesla software update allows a user to choose blind spot location

Tesla vehicles earlier show the blind spot camera feed at the left corner of the screen. Where the view is often obscured by hand or steering wheel. However, the 2022.24 updates allowed a user to choose which camera to be a blind spot. It could be the right corner, top right, or the top left corner of the screen.

Tesla's Blind Spot Camera feed location can be modified in new software  update

Image credits- Teslarati

The new update is still in the beginning stages of rollout. It is expected to take several weeks before the complete rollout takes place. Now, some of the first features are being revealed. The Blind Spot feature was introduced in late 2021 as a holiday update. This feature enables a user to display the vehicle’s fender camera feed display directly on the screen. It is possible as the user activates the turn signal.

According to a video shared by a Tesla user, it appears that one can pick three different positions. The bottom corner closest to the steering wheel, the top corner of the area of the map, or the top corner of the steering wheel. By dragging the Blind Spot Camera feed, the user can select the preferred position. The improvement is a small but convenient change for drivers. More updates are expected in the 2022.24 updates.

Other updates

Sentry Mode has been a great addition since its introduction. It has already helped catch countless thieves and acts of vandalism. As Teslas become more popular and the feature becomes well known, it could actually help reduce thefts and crime. With 2022.24 Tesla is adding a new option to Sentry Mode, the ability to disable sounds.

The ability to use Sentry Mode without having an audible alarm was actually a part of update 2022.20, but it was only available in Israel, where local laws prevent a vehicle alarm from making an audible noise. With 2022.24 Tesla is now giving you the ability to use a silent version of Sentry Mode. Tesla says that all other features of Sentry Mode will continue to function, such as sending app notifications.

With this update, Tesla is adding a couple more car preferences as well. In the navigation favorites and recent locations, there will now be profile specific.  That means that when someone else uses the vehicle, they’ll have their own set of recent locations, and the other user’s recent locations and other drivers’ destinations will no longer be mixed.

Live Traffic Visualization, is a Premium Connectivity feature that lets you view traffic along your route and surrounding streets. Tesla is now enhancing the live traffic visualization by making it easier to see traffic on your route. The traditional blue path that shows up in your navigation will now change color, depending on the amount of traffic for that particular area.



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