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Remote working has been a task lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people are really worked up about the shift from ergonomic offices to home setups. Slack is working to redesign its platform with new features and updates that will definitely help you to fit into this Work from Home remote setups.

Remote office settings become a real challenge when it comes to connecting users from different locations and brings them on the same plane for effective and efficient workflow as it would have been if they were physically present in the office. The collaboration king, Slack has been working on updates and features that will help the companies to connect with their employees and maintain that professional approach towards the company, no matter where they are working from.

Slack has been conducting various researches to better find the problems of the work from home culture in order to find a digital solution to ease their issue, and research have found that employees are rather happy sitting at home and working than going to the office and working.

credits: https://rb.gy/8412mk

New features of Slack include privacy and security tools because there is a lot of confidential information that might be floating around the internet as employees and employers communicate. So, data breach and fraud can be very easily committed and to avoid this, Slack has come up with this new security tool that will ensure data safety and privacy in this current remote working environment.

This platform which connects employers and employees will now be featuring a direct messaging service that will work even outside of the company. A simple invitation will be sent and when accepted, then both the parties can begin private direct messaging. This feature is called the Slack Connect DMs.

Companies will now be able to verify their Slack account and show that they are genuine by having a small tick mark on their profile which will be visible publically. This verified mark looks similar to twitter’s blue tick and it shows that you are a trusted partner.

Another great feature that Slack has developed is the Workflow Builder Service. This feature is not purely new but has been greatly improved in efficiency and smoothness. The users will now be able to build workflows which will integrate applications and tools separate from Slack in-built tools without the use of code, by just using a visual tool.

Socket Mode, a new developer feature allows the users to build interactive apps that are fully secured by Slack’s security tools and once approved can be distributed across the platform for your entire organization.

All these great features will be rolled out by Slack in the first half of 2021 and companies are eagerly waiting for their workflow to take an effective spin.



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