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The Apple Car is now most likely to launch in 2024.

Its no breaking news now that Apple is preparing to work on its Apple car. Rumor has it that Apple’s team for automobiles ‘Titan’ recently let go of 200 of its employees last year. However, sources have to say that the team is still breathing live and moreover has plans to manufacture an electric passenger vehicle with “breakthrough battery technology”. The concept of Apple making electric cars already made it to headlines once and is now being believed that it is most likely to launch in the year 2024.

Talking more about the Apple car-

It is still all cloudy about the facts that how exactly the vehicle will look like, who will be on the list of partners, or if the driving framework that Apple has been chipping away voluntarily be essential for the vehicle or offered as a product item to different organizations.


The everyday tasks of Apple’s Project Titan is driven by Doug Field, who got back to the organization in 2018 after a spell at electric automaker Tesla. Field, who was senior VP of designing at Tesla, was one of the critical chiefs behind the dispatch of the Model 3. Under Field’s administration, it shows up the Apple vehicle may make the right more straightforwardly with Tesla than state Alphabet’s Waymo.

Recently, Bloomberg announced that Apple has moved Field and the remainder of the Project Titan group under Apple chief John Giannandrea’s man-made brainpower and AI gathering.


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