The different deals offered by the betting affiliate company 1xBet

Right now 1xBet is probably one of the most recognized brands in the sportsbook market all over the world. There are many aspects that explain the success that the platform enjoys. However, part of this success can be clearly attributed to the possibilities offered by the betting affiliate company 1xBet. Here people will understand how it is possible to benefit by these partnerships that can be created between the sportsbook and different parties. Let’s begin.

What 1xBet is trying to find are partners who are willing to add a banner that can redirect people to their website. Obviously, the partner will get a benefit from this action. 1xBet is quite flexible in terms of the kinds of programs that it offers to its potential affiliates. There are many types of deals, however, most of the time they tend to fall into one of the following categories:

  • click-per-action or CPA;
  • rev-share or revenue sharing;
  • hybrid programs;
  • and even totally customized programs depending on the partner’s needs!

At any moment those interested in becoming part of these deals can inquire with the bookmaker about the possibility of participating in them. For now, it is possible to say that all of them can be quite profitable if well implemented.

Details about these programs

The 1xBet company betting affiliate programs are categorized into a few broader classes as previously explained. Here some details about those kinds of deals will be explained. First of all there are the CPA or click-per-action programs. Those are pretty straightforward to understand. The bookmaker and the webmaster of the affiliate agree on a certain amount. The affiliate will get said amount every time that a visitor to their website does a certain action with the banner. Most of the time this amount will be paid if the visitor signs up at 1xBet.

There are also rev-share deals. Revenue sharing partnerships are exactly what they sound like. Depending on the overall performance of the bookmaker and the banner added to the affiliate’s website, the affiliate will get a certain percent of the overall revenue on a given time period.

There are also hybrid programs that combine aspects from CPA and rev-share. Also, there can be other kinds of customized deals that can be signed if both the bookmaker and the affiliate agrees. Regardless of the kind of deal, everybody can visit the 1xBet website in order to get more information about these programs.